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Advice for Billionaires on Getting Things Done

Nice productivity round up for you billionaire TBP readers — but much of the advice is applicable to everyone else.

While toys and baubles are nice, the one thing you can never have enough of is free time. "Days, hours and minutes are the new currency, the units by which the very successful measure their worth."

So how does one perfect the art of time hogging? Here, a few tips from the masters:

Delegate the delegating.
Don’t read—digest.
Jump the gun.
Don’t divorce.
Skip the party.

Note that the headings do not do the piece justice — you really have to click through and read it.

My favorite quote in the piece? "Marrying a mistress just creates a vacancy." 

Man, that’s just cold.



Time Bandits
Gordon Bennett
W Magazine, May 2008

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Bracing for NFP Day

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more: The monthly NonFarm Payroll report rolls out today, and the consensus is none too cheerful: Median estimates of 82 economists surveyed by Bloomberg for April 2008 is for a job loss of -75,000 (Dow Jones had -85,000). Estimates ranged from -150,000 to -18,000. None of the…Read More

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