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Real Minimum Wages Around the World

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Real Hourly Minimum Wages Around The World

by lisamahapatra.
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How Much Has America’s Net Worth Recovered?

Click to enlarge Source: Merrill Lynch   I meant to get to this last week but travel (a/k/a Nasdaq Freeze) got in the way “After collapsing in 2008-10, net worth is booming again and has now surpassed the 2007 peak. A generous take on this is that the dollar value of wealth has now fully…Read More

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Is McKinsey to Blame for Skyrocketing CEO Pay?

In 2011, I posed the question “Is McKinsey & Co. the Root of All Evil ?” This was not a tongue-in-cheek query, but rather, a look at how so many recent disasters traced their origins back to McKinsey & Co. Which brings us to the latest issue negatively affecting the United States, skyrocketing CEO pay…Read More

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The Path of Wage Growth and Unemployment

The Path of Wage Growth and Unemployment Mary C. Daly, Bart Hobijn, and Timothy Ni July 15, 2013     After the Great Recession, the fraction of U.S. workers whose wages were frozen reached a record high. Many employers would have preferred to cut wages, but couldn’t do so because of the reluctance of workers…Read More

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Pay Mas – Fast Food & Minimum Wage

Watch both of these, but the 2nd one is the killer:

Fast food workers agitate for higher wages and the right to unionize.

Pay Mas



Fast food workers demand increased wages and financial analyst Neil Cavuto shares details of his first job.


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Economic Inequality Is Not An Accident, It Was Created

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Executive Pay by the Numbers

Click for full list Source: NYT

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Has Household Wealth Recovered?

Household Wealth: Has It Recovered? William T. Gavin Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Synopses, 2013, No. 16       Adjusting for inflation, population growth, and a risk-free real interest rate shows there is still a substantial gap between the peak of household wealth in 2007 and the level today. The 2012:Q4 flow…Read More

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Where the Wealthy Folk Are

Source: The Economist     There are 12 million people on the planet that had investible assets of more than $1 million dollars. Collectively, this group controls $46.2 trillion dollars (2012). A quarter of them live in America (3.4m); followed by almost a sixth in Japan (1.9m) and a twelfth in Germany (over 1m). China and Great…Read More

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