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2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures

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The Fiscal Cliff and the Dynamics of Income

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What the 1% Believe vs the Public

Source: Know More   The rich are different – at least when it comes to their beliefs about education and social contracts safety nets. continues here

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Discuss: Economic Inequality in the USA

Click for an interactive chart. Source: Chartbook of Economic Inequality

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It’s Now Mainstream Economics that Runaway Inequality Hurts the Economy … But Corrupt Government Policy Is Still Pouring Gasoline On the Fire and Dramatically INCREASING Inequality A who’s who of prominent liberal and conservative economists in government and academia have now said that runaway inequality harms economic growth, including: Current Fed chair Janet Yellen Former…Read More

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Income Distribution Like You Have Never Seen It

click for larger chart Source: Visualizing Economics   When it comes to the top 0.01 percent of earners, it is extremely challenging to describe the differences in terms of income. Words often fail to convey the massive range. Fortunately for us, Catherine Mulbrandon of Visualizing Economics has put together a simple chart that shows just…Read More

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The Impact of Unemployment Duration on Compensation Growth

The Long and Short of It: The Impact of Unemployment Duration on Compensation Growth M. Henry Linder, Richard Peach, and Robert Rich Liberty Street Economics, February 12, 2014     How tight is the labor market? The unemployment rate is down substantially from its October 2009 peak, but two-thirds of the decline is due to…Read More

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The Spending and Debt Responses to Minimum Wage Increases

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Nations Ranked by Quality of Life

From National Journal: Money is important, but it isn’t everything. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development created the Your Better Life Index to compare the quality of life as well as economic prowess of its 34 member countries. The index measures each country using 11 different lines, including income, employment, health, education, environmental quality,…Read More

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Another Meaningless Non Farms Payroll Report

Regular readers may recall that I’m not a big fan of this Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation data series, as it is unusually noisy and subject to further revisions and modeling adjustments. (See Ignore Today’s — and Most — Jobs Reports). As we discussed not too long ago, the Employment Situation report is “the…Read More

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