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Crude Remains Strong Despite Inventory Build

Light Crude Oil (CL, NYMEX)
Daily Commodity Futures Price Chart: July, 2007


chart courtesy of TFC Commodity Charts


Crude closed at $68.86 (August 2007) today — down 68 cents — and the new futures contract starts tomorrow.

Since I have been ranting today — I remain firmly convinced that:

- Energy is not only a matter of economics, but a matter of National Security;
- Subsidies for Oil and Ethanol need to be replaced with subsidies for Solar;
- CAFE standards need to be raised;
- Expedited processing for Nuclear Power plant permits should be issued

I own a V8 (automatic), a straight 6 (6 speed), and a 4 cylinder (5 speed) — so I am the last person to preach we all need to shift to Vespas and biofuels. But its pretty apparent to even a gas hog like  me that we need to do something other than send billions of dollars to terrorist nations each and every single month.


Source: Pat Oliphant via Yahoo!   

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