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Rating Iraq Policy

I am always surprised when a WSJ poll appears to contradict the expected rightward tilt of its readership.

Today’s poll is no different.

The results are intriguing, and very divided: 69% of those who participated in the poll gave the President’s Iraq leadership a "D" or an "F." Only 12% gave his Iraq leadership an "A"  (hardcore partisans / delusional ), while another 12% give him a "B." Only 7% landed in the midpoint of "C."


Question of the Day: How do you grade Bush’s leadership of the Iraq war so far this year

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Perhaps the readership of the WSJ is more pragmatic than idealogical — or maybe they are simply less conservative than I assumed.

UPDATE:  March 14, 2006  11:04am

Interesting comment from a friend at TIAA/Cref, who tells me I misunderstand the President as a Republican; She claims he is really a radical conservative, and Wall Street prefers gridlock/centrisim to anything radical.


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