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Mass Surveillance Is ALWAYS About Crushing Dissent

500 Years of History – and 40 Years of Warnings by Top U.S. Officials – Confirms that Government Spying On One’s Own People Is Always About Grabbing Power and Stifling Criticism

Given all of the hooey coming from the spymasters and their shills in the mainstream press, here’s a very brief reminder of what mass spying is really about:

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Military Waste and Fraud Are the Main Cause of Our Problems

“$8.5 TRILLION In Taxpayer Money Doled Out By Congress To The Pentagon Since 1996 … Has NEVER Been Accounted For” We’ve repeatedly documented that military waste and fraud are the core problems with the U.S. economy. For example, we’ve noted that we wouldn’t be in this crisis of hitting the debt ceiling in the first…Read More

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Nomura: Ukrainian Political Uncertainty

FT Alphaville has this awesome flowchart of Nomura’s analysis of Ukrainian political uncertainty, brilliantly titled Bank flowchart + geopolitics = acid trip.   click for ginormous graphic

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Intelligence Agencies Have Gone Rogue, With No Oversight

“Do You Think That Because I’m Chairman of The Intelligence Committee That I Just Say “I Want It”, and They Give It To Me? They Control It. All Of It. ALL of It. ALL THE TIME. I Only Get – and My Committee Only Gets – What They WANT To Give Me.” -Jay Rockefeller, Chairman,…Read More

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The Big Secret Behind the CIA-Congressional Battle

Posted on March 13, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog What You DON’T KNOW About CIA Fight with Congress You’ve heard that there’s a big battle between the CIA and Congress over the CIA spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s review of documents related to the Bush-era torture program. Many are calling it a “constitutional crisis“. House Oversight…Read More

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10 Reasons Why Russia Invaded Ukraine

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The Putin Put: Ukraine Dragging Down Your Portfolio?

On the first of each month, I send a letter to our investors describing what we see in the world relative to their portfolios. We always try to identify some “big picture” issue, usually one that is overlooked. The goal is to have our clients understand our thought process. One of my favorite analytical devices…Read More

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Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board – Which Congress Made An Independent Agency in 2007, But Which Just Became Operational – Says NSA Spying Is ILLEGAL AND UNNECESSARY Major New Voice Slams NSA Spying Experts – including congress members say that the NSA’s spying program is illegal. Officials in the legislative, judicial and executive branches…Read More

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NSA Apologists Try to Smear Snowden

NSA Apologists Try to Smear Snowden as a “Russian Spy” … Exactly Like Authorities Tried to Smear Daniel Ellsberg, Ben Franklin and Samuel Adams ~~~ But Even the FBI and NSA Say There’s No Evidence that Snowden Worked With Others ~~~ While NSA apologists like Mike Rogers say that Snowden is a Russian spy, the…Read More

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We Vanquish Terrorism When We Tap Into the Huge Reserve of Courage Within Each One of Us, and Refuse To Be Terrorized   Northwestern professor Peter Ludlow writes in the New York Times: Philosophers have long noted the utility of fear to the state. Machiavelli notoriously argued that a good leader should induce fear in…Read More

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