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How Does Google AdWords Work?

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Source: How Does Google AdWords Work?
Search Engine Land Infographics

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Building Thought Leadership through Content Curation

Building Thought Leadership through Content Curation View more presentations from Corinne Weisgerber

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Post WaPo Madness

Apologies if some of your comments have been taking a while to show up. The Washington Post madness has meant we are overrun with spam, trolls and loons. I cranked the filters up to 11 and that means lots of legitimate comments are getting caught. I have been working my way through the backlog, and…Read More

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Google Analytics Goes Real Time

Those of you who use Google’s excellent free site analytics tool (aka Dashboard) will be thrilled to learn that the analytical software tool you us to analyzing past performance is now going to be real time: The web is getting faster, and not just the speed of the pages, but also the speed of change….Read More

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Kudos to Felix and Ryan — the Counterparties site looks great. I don’t know if the world needs another MSM curator — they are competing with NYT’s Dealbook, FT’s Alphaville, and WSJ’s MarketBeat — but it looks like a legitimate competitor in the space. >

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Blog Traffic Goes (Short Term) Bullish in August

I am not particularly bullish these days — 50/50 stocks versus cash/bonds — and while we certainly could see a bounce up towards the 1250 level on the SPX, I am not sanguine about the next 2Qs of market performance. That said, the chart below may be a very short term, bullish indicator. As we…Read More

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19,000th Post

This is rather insane to me, but this is post # 19,000, The details: 18,999 Posts 26 Pages 84 Categories 2,068 Tags 328,000 Comments (data via WordPress) Somehow, when I wasn’t looking, we ticked past 100 million page views… Total visits: 81,993,173 Average Per Day: 62,417 Total Page Views: 105,231,502 (data via Site Meter)

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Flowchart: What comment should I leave?

via GraphJam:

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Things Apple is Worth More Than

My new favorite Tumbler blog is the hilarious Things Apple is Worth More Than ! ~~~ Apple’s Market Cap is Now $340 Billion. What’s Littler? Total Corporate Income Tax for 2011 Via @TheArmoTrader: Corporations will pay a total of $247.2 billion in state, local and federal income tax this year. 19th Aug 2011 American Obesity…Read More

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Sourcing & Attribution & Credit

John Gruber has a terrific post on Attribution and Credit hat really struck a chord. Go give it a read, and meet me back here in 5 minutes. ~~~ Way back in the bad ole early days of blogging, I used to find my stuff, my market/economic related blog posts “used” in the financial press…Read More

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