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Parts of TBP Site Not Updating

Hey all,

Some of you have noticed that the site is not updating the Weekend, ThinkTank, Video or Bookshelf tabs automatically. You can go directly to any post if you have the link (i.e, from Twitter), but not via the four Tabs uptop.

This is a glitch caused by a crash 2 weeks ago — it only appears to update if you are registered and signed in.(I see all of the updates but I am signed in all the time).

We are working on a solution to technology side but in the meantime, if you register and log in, everything shows up where its supposed to.

Thanks to those of you who pointed this out, and those who figured out what the glitch was.



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The Power Of WordPress

Click to see full graphic:


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How To Create Financial Content

How To Make Financial ContentP Joshua M Brown Reformed Broker ~~~~ Everyone’s writing something in the financial media these days but some of you people need a refresher on the basics of composition.  Depending on for whom or what you are writing, this should be the only guide you need to get it right: How…Read More

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Cache Issue

I have been noticing some issues lately with the site — you may have too. Some posts are not showing up on the main page right away after publishing. Many of the comments that people are telling me they cannot see I watch from the WordPress Dashboard — I can see they have been published,…Read More

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Internet Censorship

Interesting interactive graphic showing what nations are censoring the internet, what content they are restricting, and the methods they using. Hat tip Good

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TBP Site Update: G+, Search, Mobile

I’ve made a few tweaks, as you may have noticed. If there are any problems, please bring them to my attention. 1. Google Search restored (yeah!) 2. G+ added to share bar at the end of every post. 3. Mobile iPhone version. Note this is user definable, with a toggle (Desktop/Mobile) button at the bottom…Read More

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Big Picture Mobile, Courtesy of Mobile WordPress

Check out the new site layout on Your iPhone or Android — it looks pretty cool, courtesy of Mobile WordPress at Except I never authorized this. Somehow, my site has been changed, without me ever permissioning anyone to do so, or even knowing about it (until someone tweeted me). I am trying to figure…Read More

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Inc’s 10 Essential Economic Blogs

Nice grouping of economic blogs named “essentail” in Inc this week. (click thru for the full discussion on each). They describe the list as “for independent thinkers only: These online columnists see around the curves to the global economic trends that will affect your business.” Nice company to keep. Here is their top 10: Seeking…Read More

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Time for a Site Refresh

So I have been mulling about a few things I would like to do to the site: • Develop iPhone/Android Mobile version of the blog; • Come up with an iPad version as well • Do more infographic design • Make each tab design independent (do we really still need tabs?) • Freshen up the…Read More

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How Does Google AdWords Work?

Click to enlarge: Source: How Does Google AdWords Work? Search Engine Land Infographics

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