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WSJ: Economists Join Blogging Frontier



Nice mention in the WSJ on economic blogging today;

Here’s an excerpt:

"For years investors have had pretty good access to the finest economic thinkers, via research reports and print and television media.

Now the floodgates are really open: The economists — including prominent names from universities and even the Federal Reserve — have started blogging, posting their thoughts on the Web on a variety of things, including the rise in oil prices and the future of interest rates.

While many investors continue to take their cues from traditional outlets, the real news junkies — including those who aim to get a trading idea before they hear about it from their broker — have bookmarked the blogs, or Web logs. Even Wall Street itself is paying heed.

"It’s all about the ‘memes,’ " says Stan Jonas, head of interest rate strategy at Fimat USA in New York, employing a word that describes ideas that spread quickly by word of mouth — or Web. "Those guys say it and about a week or two later, the guys on Wall Street pick it up."

The econ blogs mentioned:

(5) (hey now!)

Way cool!   


UPDATE  August 15, 2005 1:58pm

The WSJ article is now free (no sub req’d)! You can see it here:


or here:



Economists Join Blogging Frontier

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