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Waiting for Kedro

One of the highlights of my weekend is Professor Paul Kedrosky’s Sunday morning linkfest. (yes, I know, that’s kinda pathetic). Incidentally, Paul’s blog is Infectious Greed, and while it’s mostly VC focused, its always an informative read.

While we are awaiting his roundup, I wanted to waste a few electrons on some items:

Many columnists at The are also published authors. Recent additions to a library of authorship includes James Altucher’s Trade Like Warren Buffett and Hewitt Heiserman Jr.’s  It’s Earnings That Count : Finding Stocks with Earnings Power for Long-term Profits.

Altucher is averaging a book a year, which is pretty
frightening — he writes more than many people read. I haven’t gotten to Hewitt’s book yet, but some readers have given it very high marks. The praise its generating from a number of notables bodes well. (If I missed any recent publications by TSCM’s authors, please let me know here).

Lately, I have been extending my prior research on China and India. Here’s a few ideas I have been playing with:

China’s Oil Grab

China on Course to Overtake US Economy

The Economist ReWeights its Commodity-Price Index

Have a good weekend!


"An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today."
- Laurence J. Pete

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VOTE: Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog

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VOTE: Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog

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Social Security Blog Smackdown!

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Guess who’s blogging?

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Carnival of the Capitalists – October 25 2004


Hello and welcome to this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists! We have an exciting and wide ranging line up, which I have tried to categorize (a mostly futile exercise, I might add) for your reading pleasure.

So with no further adieu, I present this week’s entrants:
If I missed your trackback, email it to thebigpicture -at- optonline -dot- net.


Russell Buckley of wonders what the next 10 years on the internet might hold in store:
Sorry I missed your Birthday

“October 17th was the day that the web was officially born just 10 years ago. That day a company called Spry (later CompuServe then AOL) introduced a product called “Internet in a Box.” For the first time, you could trot down to a store, buy a software package, take it home and have everything you needed to connect to the Internet and the World Wide Web . . .”

Giselle A. Tesoro of OSCommerce Experts ponders the “Well-Formed Web Forms” and advises

“How to get your customers to fill you in – with the information you need in forms to be filled up. Let them form a good impression of you and your store – give them forms with function”

Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World thinking along similar lines, advises on Converting Visitors into Customers

“The frustration for Johnny was obvious. His website had strong visitor traffic numbers, he thought. Johnny’s site offered a complete line of very good, and highly reputable products. He thought he had set up an acceptable way to buy them online.

There were plenty of visitors arriving daily to make any online business a major success. The problem for Johnny was, despite the large number of people visiting his site, not many of them bought his products.”

Last of the internet series is Lipsticking‘s Yvonne DiVita’s entry: Jane Encourages Small Businesses

Blogs are becoming the “topic” of the day, all over the web, it seems. Jane
cannot open any newsletter, magazine, ezine, or even regular email, without
a question or comment on blogging present in the content.

We are delighted to see our favorite form of communication getting the
attention it deserves, but… the true purpose of web-logging is getting
lost in the rhetoric bouncing around the net.

Incidentally Yvonne gets a bonus mention for “Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online,” — I can’t comment on how effective that title may be — but it sure got my attention.

Alan Greenspan & the Federal Reserve

In my own entry (The Big Picture) to CotC this week, I advise investors to Ignore the Cheerleader-in-Chief

Rawdon Adams of Capital Chronicle discusses Mr. Greenspan’s Oil Choice

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