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Tweets of the Week 4.25.14


Uncle Never Right


Apple Split?

Lost decade = Good Future Returns

Its all relative


Apple M&A?

Facebook’s Mobile Surge


What’s a Robot Waiting Room?

At this rate, Twitter and Facebook will soon merge

Pinterest & Mobile search

Random Items

That’s a lot of tax dollars

I was just saying that to my eagle huntress last week . . .

I’d like to see THAT animation

Yes, its all about the reading


What the what?

At least not with your self awareness

For lunch today: Fat Gangnam Boy

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Tweets of the Week 4.11.14

Here are my favorite tweets of the week:   Markets and the Economy Nasdaq has fallen 8 percent after a huge 245 percent run-up:   Investors seeking value:   Misleading interest rate memes:   Bears are pounding their chests:     Continues here

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Tweets of the Week 4.4.14

The weekend is almost here. These are the best tweets I saw this week (More here):   So devious! Rigged market explodes higher, nefariously pumping up Main Street’s 401(k) balances. — Downtown Josh Brown (@ReformedBroker) April 1, 2014   Your weekly QE Limerick: Markets today are a bore Printing means markets just soar I’m falling…Read More

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Tweets of the Week Ending 3.28.14

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the week:   Markets & Finance   What the Fed sees:   In 2016 Fed sees: Unemployment 5.4%* GDP 3% Fed Funds Target 2.1%** *Lower than 50 yr average **Fed Funds should be 4% in normal economy — Lawrence McDonald (@Convertbond) March 24, 2014   Initial offering not exactly fit for a King?…Read More

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Tweets of the Week: The Fed, Some Charts and a Dinosaur

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the week:   The Fed: Hawkish? Hardly! Spelled with an “I.” What would a FOMC meeting be without a limerick? My own contribution to the FOMC noise. Markets Reasons to sell since March 2009. Spot what’s wrong with this chart.     Continues here

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Secret, Whisper and the Anonymous Troll

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen is none too happy these days. As the New York Times reported yesterday in a front-page article, the inventor of the web browser and co-founder of Netscape is miffed at the latest Silicon Valley fad: Anonymous sniping from within the tech industry. Several new anonymous social commenting apps and startups —…Read More

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How Does Facebook Make Its Money?

Source: Business Management Degrees

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Source: Economist

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Dealing With Twitter Hate

1. Never ever respond. That’s the hater’s goal. To entrap you. Draw you into a conversation. Wherein you have to justify your complete existence. You can never ever win, furthermore the hater’s friends will pile on. Read if you must, but never acknowledge you’ve done so. 2. Research the hater. Especially on Twitter. See how…Read More

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Top Reddit Posts

Click for interactive graphic Source: UK Data Explorer

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