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How Do You Use Linked In? (Infographic)

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linked in IG
Source: Power Formula via Forbes

See also 5 Clever Uses of LinkedIn


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NYC Startup Guide

StartupsFM presents “NYC City Beat: The ultimate guide for startups in NYC. Welcome to NYC, the land where startups BREATHE innovation! Shai Goldman says “There are roughly 1,000 startups that are currently active. About 400 of those are VC backed (including seed funded). The other 600 are bootstrapped / self-funded.” WSJ recently reported that the…Read More

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The Future of the Internet

The Internet of the Everything is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things to create new value and opportunities. Dave Evans | The Future of the Internet from Cisco Systems Oct 11, 2013

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Silicon Valley Preaching to the Choir

Source: Is Silicon Valley Preaching to the Choir?

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Twitter’s I.P.O. by the Numbers

A look at the messages, users and revenue behind the global information network. Twitter announced on Thursday that it had filed for an initial public offering.

September 13, 2013By Alyssa Kim

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Print Matters

Many marketers wonder whether or not print matters in the digital world. This infographic with data provided by Xerox Digital Printing explains print’s relevance in contemporary advertising. The data explores how professional designers use print media in their work and compares print campaign results along with mixed media promotions. Why Print Matters [Infographic] from Katherine…Read More

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Restricting Internet Trolls

Info-graphic review about the ongoing menace of Internet trolls. Rich with illustrations, case studies, survey stats, maps, and cases of celebrity trolling. Also includes tips to handle online trolls. Should Internet Trolls Be Restricted? from Maps ofWorld

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Death by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint – Redesigned from Ikedinekpere Chiz Based on Alexei Kapterev’s Death by PowerPoint, which inspired me a whole lot. I was so moved to redesign the pages and make them a little more interesting.

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Desktop to Your iPad

Way cool:

A Better Way to Bring Your Desktop to Your iPad

Source: Circuits

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Google’s Revenue = 97% Online Ads

Wow, pretty amazing data point:

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goog bucks


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