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Weekend Linkfest ’06!

Its the first big linkfest since the new year began — and a three day weekend to boot! Its a big one, so let’s jump right in:

Barron’s Alan Abelson looks at the impact of share buybacks on Earnings (if no Barron’s, go here);

Dow Rallies Since 1900:
Chart-of-the-Day notes that, as it stands right now with the Dow up
51.6% from its lows, the current rally is classified as fairly long in duration (6th
longest in 105 years) but weak (4th weakest) in magnitude.

"The accolades bestowed upon Alan Greenspan ahead of his
retirement on January 31st have a strong whiff of irrational
So said the The Economist in a pair of cover articles:  Monetary myopia and Danger time for America.

General Motors Death Watch 49: Paranoia Rules
My favorite non-mainstream Automotive site looks into some GM rumors,
including questions about whether their hybrid technology even exists;

Is 2006 the year the Volatility Trade makes money? VIX options begin trading next month; For the past 2 years, this has been a losing trade. (if no Barron’s sub, go here);

Inferno o Paradiso?   via macro-econ meta-site RGE Monitor, a look at a dozen very Bullish and Bearish expectations for 2006;

Win Some, Lose Some  Robert X. Cringely’s tech predictions for 2006 (disclosure: I am on the BoD for one of the companies he mentioned);

• The numbers are in on Holiday sales; and they were way below consensus. It was a Good — Not Great — Holiday Shopping Season.   Now, we wait to see how much the deep discounting will affect profit margins;  (The rest of December retail weren’t so hot either);

• Speaking of el stinko:  You didn’t think I would let last week’s NFP number go by without comment, did you? 
Employment Recovery Continues to be Sub-par
discusses the obvious, while Who’s Dropping Out of Labor Force looks at the demographics of the NILF phenomena;

Shanghai’s hot housing market has fizzled; What are the implications for China’s economy?

Perception Management and Inter-temporal Shifting A short and worthwhile look at buy now, pay later;

•  >Sigh<  Another year, another sales disappointment: Annual CD Sales Down 8% for 2005; A long list of retailers have gone bankrupt;

Assessing the economic impact of a flu pandemic

For you tax geeks:  Buying and selling imaginary goods in computer-game worlds is big business. Should gamers pay real-world taxes on virtual treasures?

Ever dance with the redline in the pale moonlight?


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Soliciting Investors on eBay: Movie Investors Wanted

I cannot imagine how this investment come on, listed in eBay Motors as a Ferrari 430 — ablatant grab for high net worth investors by Rabbit Investing — can possibly meet SEC regulations regarding either public offerings or private placements:

Please call or go to our site. We are a USA business located in Florida. We are doing alternate advertising to find movie investors for a particular project. There are smaller investments as well.

Please Call us at  877-XXX-YYYY for more information.

Working harder and faster for your investment return!
Rabbit Investment gives you more security than the stock market with better rates than banks and other investment companies.

Choose Rabbit Investment for a secure and more profitable  return in a shorter time.

Hop to earning more with Rabbit Investment. We pride ourselves in redefining the investment system that has simply complicated our lives. Rabbit investment is a new and secure investment company giving investors the highest return on their investment with 5 simple term choices. We invest in our investors. While other investment companies are focused on greed, spending profits in advertising, long-terms, low returns, and complicated processes and choices, Rabbit Investment is doing the exact opposite. We are sharing more of the profits with our investors by keeping advertising expenses to a minimum, providing secure short-term options with fast and high returns; putting more money in your pocket sooner.

Oh, and I tried to bid the million dollars that’s suggessted , but it required filling out additional online forms . . . 

The full auction listing is below; I captured the code ’cause I suspect eBay — or the SEC — will pull it eventually.

UPDATE December 5, 2005 5:01pm

eBay has pulled the listing

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