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Market Overview


One of my very favorite webpages is the Market Summary page at You can choose end of day quotes (yesterday’s close) or intraday on a 15 minute delay, unless you pay to upgrade to live quotes.

I particularly like their terrific overview, which includes:

Major Markets
Major Indices
AMEX Select Sector SPDRs
US Industry Indices
MSCI iShares – International
World Markets
US Bonds
US Commodities
Market Breadth
Bullish Percent Indices

Each topic has 5 -15 subcharts. You can pull up any one chart within these categories in Candlestick, Point & Figure, or Line versions. I particularly like the Market Breadth section, which gives a fast overview with just a glance:

February 19th, 2004 closing prices

And, its all free. Give ‘em a look.

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