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I’m on a tight schedule today, so not the usual analysis filled post. Instead, a few articles which have recently intrigued and amused:

Fed Will Stay With `Measured’ Rate Increase
but try to Jawbone you that they won’t

Freebird! — Rock’s Oldest Joke
very amusing WSJ column!

Neuroeconomics to topple the notion of rational decision-making
about time!

The History of Independent Film Finance
surprising parallels between Tech VCs and FIlm Producers

White House Economic Team: Not exactly major league
I’m shocked to find gambling here!

Interview: father of “life hacks” Danny O’Brien   
Hacks defined as "a way of cutting through an apparently complex system with a really simple, nonobvious fix"

Revenge of the Dorks 
Geeks beating online casinos

13 things that do not make sense 
Science quandries

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AOL Copyright Grab ?

Category: Finance, Web/Tech

Brain Drain threatened

Category: Politics, Science, Web/Tech

Why I Don’t Do Social Networking Sites

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VOTE: Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog

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The idea factory

Category: Investing, Music, Web/Tech

Uh-Oh: Apple on the Cover of Fortune

Category: Investing, Media, Web/Tech

Video Game Industry Sales Reach Record Pace in 2004

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VOTE: Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog

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Apple aiming for the sweetspot ?

Since we’ve been discussing the impact of Apple lately, I thought it worthwhile to point to a graphic depiction of Apple’s marketing strategy, as conceived by future Wired comtributor Paul Nixon.

I’m not sure I agree with Paul’s statement that "until January 2005,
Apple had no iPod that served the mass market
" givent he enormous sales
numbers the Pod has rung up. But the broader point of targeting the new devices
at truly mass entry level (i.e., cheap) is valid.

click for larger graphic


Check out the full size graph here:

Nice work, Paul

Apple’s Tipping Point: Macs for the Masses
Paul Nixon
Nixlog, January 12, 2005

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