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BMW M100: BMW’s Fastest Vehicle Ever

Pretty cool looking, from Automobile mag:

BMW’s striking Vision EfficientDynamics concept is headed for production in late 2012 or early 2013 as a 450-hp, twin-turbocharged halo for the company’s new environmental initiative. Theoretically at least, the production car, which may be badged M100 (shown here as an artist’s interpretation based on spy photos), has what it takes to eclipse its most serious rivals. Extensive computer simulation suggests that it will outpace the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, the Audi R8 5.2, and the Porsche 911 Turbo. Power will likely come from the twin-turbo in-line six that’s being cooked up for the next M3 and will be transmitted to the rear wheels via a dual-clutch automatic transmission.

How can such a car be considered at all environmentally sensitive? Well, it will be available in slightly tamer, greener form, tentatively dubbed the i100 ActiveHybrid. More important, though, the new sports car scores green points by sharing its platform and composition with Project i, BMW’s ambitious range of minicars. In fact, the i100 and the M100 are a big reason why Project i needed to have a rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive. By moving the engine as close as possible to the rear wheels, BMW’s packaging wizards created something most sports cars cannot offer: two usable, if not quite commodious, rear seats. Access to the second row shouldn’t be a major issue, as the production car will feature the gull-wing doors from the 2009 Frankfurt show concept car. To stow a limited quantity of luggage, the top-hinged rear window lifts up. A second cargo receptacle can be found in the nose of the vehicle.

Here is the Hybrid Version

Hybrid photo via Autoblog

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Ron Paul’s What If ? ReMixed

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Star Wars Trilogy (Cut Out Paper Animation)

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Europe According to France

Recall we previously showed The World According to Americans, and other related imagery. I find this terribly amusing: > click for larger image Flickr via Grant Williams

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Fallon/Timberlake: Hip Hop History Lesson

Quite amusing: hat tip kottke

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Taxonomy of Rap Names

World famous design junkies: Hat tip Josh

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New York at Night

Photographer from Jason Hawke’s New York at Night: > click for larger photos

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Art + Science = Sculptural Data

Nathalie Miebach focuses on the intersection of art and science and the visual articulation of scientific observations. Some of his recent work: Hat tip Simple Complexity

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The Beauty of Data Visualization

> via Information is Beautiful

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Fastest Maserati: GranTurismo MC Stradale

If you are interested in owning the fastest production car Maserati makes, than its the MC Stradale: > > via Classic Driver

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