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Sting at Jones Beach Theater

Sting Concert at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY, USA Setlist on July 27, 2010

1. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
2. Englishman In New York
3. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Police cover)
4. Roxanne (Police cover)
5. When We Dance
6. Russians
7. I Hung My Head
8. Shape Of My Heart
9. Why Should I Cry For You?
10. Whenever I Say Your Name
11. Fields Of Gold
12. Next To You (Police cover)

After intermission:

13. A Thousand Years
14. Tomorrow We’ll See
15. Moon Over Bourbon Street
16. End Of The Game
17. You Will Be My Ain True Love
18. Mad About You
19. King Of Pain (Police cover)
20. Every Breath You Take (Police cover)


21. Desert Rose
22. She’s Too Good For Me
23. Fragile
24. I Was Brought To My Senses

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Porsche 911 GT3 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Autoblog: The vast majority of humanity will never get to ride shotgun with Jeff Zwart as he raises hell on Pikes Peak with his Porsche 911 Cup racer. That’s a damn shame, too. Zwart just managed to set the Time Attack 2wd Class record with a staggering 11:31.095, bending the laws of physics, time and…Read More

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LouisCK Videos: Poker Game, Vasectomy

Louis CK Poker scene from episode 2 of LOUIE: Faggot ~~~ The Joy Behar Show: Louis C.K.: I just had a vasectomy ~~~ Louie on FX, Starring Louis C.K. -”Unconventional”

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Jack Johnson Photos from MSG Show

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I took Mrs. BP to the Jack Johnson concert at Madison Square Garden for her B-day (concert was July 14, 2010).

I forgot my camera, and took those horrible blackberry snaps of the show.

Kelsey, who works at the Garden, saw the post. She sent these snaps by Scott Levy for publication:

My Little Girl

You and Your Hearts

If I Had Eyes

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The Ownership Society

Colbert Report – The Word – Ownership Society: Stephen’s refreshing tax cut with lime will work its way through the system and trickle down like a racehorse. (05:10) The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Word – Ownership Society Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election Fox News Wednesday, July 28, 2010…Read More

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Goldman S@#%$

Goldman Sachs addresses the systematic problem within its culture by announcing a zero-tolerance policy for profanity in employee e-mails. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

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A Monkey Economy As Irrational As Our Own

Laurie Santos looks for the roots of human irrationality by watching the way our primate relatives make decisions. A clever series of experiments in “monkeynomics” shows that some of the silly choices we make, monkeys make too. > Laurie Santos studies primate psychology and monkeynomics — testing problems in human psychology on primates, who (not…Read More

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About The New York Times Infographics Department

Interesting video about how the NYT graphics department works

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A Day in the Life of an American Political Activist

via Windowless Van: hat tip Mike

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Cost of War

You know I am a sucker for these sorts of infographics: > Chart courtesy of NYT > Source: The War: A Trillion Can Be Cheap ELISABETH BUMILLER NYT, July 24, 2010

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