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Penn Jillette: Reading Great Religious Texts Will Make You Atheist

Penn Jillette on how reading the great religious texts will make you into an atheist, the future of magic, and how he and Teller work together.

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First Pictures: Big Bang

Well, not quite. But the European Space Agency released a spectacular picture of the microwave sky Monday, an artful mosaic of interstellar dust and the relic light from the birth of the universe. Planck sees sky in new light: > click for ginormous image > Planck, a roughly $800 million mission to detect the leftover…Read More

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July 4 Fireworks: Half hour sped up to 2:43

A recorded video of a 30-minute July 4 fireworks show in Toledo, Ohio sped up to 3 minutes 4th of July, 2010 in Toledo, Ohio (HIGH SPEED)

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Analogies, Similes & Metaphors

via xkcd

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Steve Martin’s Business Card

This droll, dry wit is precisely what I would have expected: > > Although the title of “best business card ever” may be held by this card: click for larger image Found by Matt Cutts in an old book purchased at a book sale.

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Coming Soon: McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren’s new car, the awkwardly named “MP4-12C’” is part of a roll out of new dealerships. The supercar maker hopes to compete with the likes of Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini: 0-60 mph mark in “under three seconds” when utilizing the launch control feature on its seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Partnered with its 2,870 curb weight…Read More

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Stay Icy Cool This Weekend

via Suck UK > And don’t forget these straws of ice: via Amazon

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The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

hat tip kottke

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Get the New . . . ?

Via Scored It -flowchart/

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Bill G. vs Crazy Professor

The full versus series is here. Hat tip James B

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