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Jack Johnson, MSG July 14, 2010

I saw Jack Johnson last night at the Garden — good show, bad venue, great set list:

Set List

1. You and Your Heart
2. If I Had Eyes
3. Taylor
4. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing / Just What I Needed (The Cars cover)
5. Go On
6. To The Sea
7. Bubble Toes
8. Wasting Time
9. My Little Girl
10. Breakdown
11. Flake
12. The Joker (Steve Miller Band cover)
13. Country Road (with Paula Fuga)
14. Turn Your Love
15. Banana Pancakes
16. Same Girl
17. Good People
18. Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology
19. Staple It Together
20. Rodeo Clowns (with G. Love)
21. At Or With Me

Solo Encore:
22. Do You Remember
23. Angel
24. Times Like These

Group Encore
25. Constellations
26. Home
27. Better Together


UPDATE: August 3, 2010

My crappy photos below generated some good photos from MSG

Left my camera home — bad blackberry photos to follow:

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Range Rover Evoque: Small, Fuel-Efficient SUV

Land Rover has revealed its newest model, a compact SUV dubbed the Range Rover Evoque. Based on the LRX concept that debuted in 2008, the two-door Evoque is the smallest, lightest Range Rover, and the company claims it will be the most fuel efficient Rover.

The reveal of the model will be at the 2010 Paris Motor Show in September; the car’s website — Hello Evoque — has a counter ticking down the minutes until then.

Plans for the Evoque include both a two-door and a four-door models.

The car has very interesting lines, but I expect this will run into the same rear visibility problems that are inherent in this design. There is a compromise between form and function for cars such as the BMW X6, Infinity FX, Acura ZDX, and Honda Crosstour –they all suffer some degradation of rear visibility as a result.


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Top 20 Concert Tours

Via Pollstar, we get the top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. (previous week’s ranking is in parentheses). TOP 20 CONCERT TOURS Artist . . . . Tour Gross . . . Average Ticket Price 1. Bon Jovi;…Read More

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The Creators Project: ART+COM (Joachim Sauter)

Location: Berlin, Germany Profession: Artist, designer, filmmaker, professor Label: ART+COM Website: Notables: Founder of new media conglomerate ART+COM; installations such as the Kinetic Sculpture for BMW and the interactive Duality public exhibit in Tokyo

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2015 Mercedes Benz SLM

Most auto enthusiasts are watching Mercedes-Benz for the release of the nearly $200k SLS AMG Gullwing in the fall. However, Automobile magazine is reporting a smaller, relatively cheaper ($169k) SLS derivative model — the SLM. The M stands for mid-engine. That seems pricey relative to the AWD Audi R8. But as the illustration below shows…Read More

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iPhone4 vs HTC Evo

Funny, NSFW video, made by a Best Buy employee. Best Buy fired him, because they said it shed a bad light on sales practices at Best Buy. They eventually offered him his job back. Perhaps they should “develop a “sense of humor.” >


The response is after the jump . . .

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Periodic Table of Swearing

Modern Toss brings us the Periodic Table of Swearing: click for ginormous graphic Hat tip Dennis

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Penn Jillette: Reading Great Religious Texts Will Make You Atheist

Penn Jillette on how reading the great religious texts will make you into an atheist, the future of magic, and how he and Teller work together. hat tip boingboing

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First Pictures: Big Bang

Well, not quite. But the European Space Agency released a spectacular picture of the microwave sky Monday, an artful mosaic of interstellar dust and the relic light from the birth of the universe. Planck sees sky in new light: > click for ginormous image > Planck, a roughly $800 million mission to detect the leftover…Read More

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July 4 Fireworks: Half hour sped up to 2:43

A recorded video of a 30-minute July 4 fireworks show in Toledo, Ohio sped up to 3 minutes 4th of July, 2010 in Toledo, Ohio (HIGH SPEED)

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