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New York Timelapse

Hat tip kottke

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Please arrive three days prior to your flight

Hat tip Prof Farber

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Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno’s 10 at 10

Jay Leno interviews Jimmy Kimmel via satellite for the Jay Leno Show’s Ten at Ten

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George Carlin on the American Dream

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Perfecting the Dining Out Experience

It appears this NY Times piece, which ran back in October, may have escaped Barry’s attention. [BR: I saw it and forwarded to a friend who owns a restaurant.] Titled 100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do, it should be the Holy Grail for any restaurateur.  I have not yet found the restaurant with a spotless compliance record, and wonder…Read More

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Wilkinson Residence in Portland’s Forest

This is not the tree house your Dad built for you. Built by Robert Harvey Oshatz in the forests of Portland, Oregon — designed in 1997 and completed in 2004, the Wilkinson Residence is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Built on a steep sloping lot, the living space resides amongst the forest canopy, making…Read More

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Count Basie Remembers The Blues

Count Basie reminisces on Kansas City and the birth of the Blues. He performs an affectionate tribute to his mentor, Fats Waller. (Excerpt from Jazz Casual 07/21/68) hat tip boingboing

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Trailer for Floored > 3 minute short film created exclusively for Cinelan, “The Transition” Source: Trading-Pit Glamour Dims as Chicago Computers Ascend in Film Tony C. Dreibus Bloomberg, Jan. 15 2010

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Real Estate Price Global Edition

On Monday, I showed a chart via The Economist magazine that hugely made doing global comparisons of real estate prices as snap. My boy Paul showed me how to get the embed working properly! Check it out:

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TDS: Clusterf#@k to the Poor House – Wall Street Bonuses

Companies that American taxpayers had to bail out with billions of dollars use that money to reward their employees with bonuses The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

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