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Surfer Magazine: Introducing Matt Meola

If you haven’t heard of Matt Meola, that’s about to change. Check out this clip of the young goofyfoot from Maui and try to say you’re not impressed afterward.

click for video

hat tip kottke

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Flight 1549 3D Reconstruction, Hudson River Ditching Jan 15, 2009

This is a must watch computer recreation of the Sullenberger Hudson crash Flight Simulation;

We all know who Sully is. I want to know who that Departure Controller is? He kept his cool through the whole incident,  even while he continued to control the other planes he had in the air. Outstanding work under pressure.

From Exosphere 3D:

This astonishing animation is based on all currently available data concerning the US Airways Flight 1549 crash (Cactus 1549).

Satellite imagery, elevation models and robust GIS mapping methods are utilized to create a vegetation model, terrain model and ground clutter (3D buildings). Of all available audio tracks, only two are used, La Guardia Tower and New York TRACON Departure controller position. Radar data as well as the onboard Flight Data Recorder are utilized in constructing the flightpath of the aircraft

Flight 1549 3D Reconstruction, Hudson River Ditching Jan 15, 2009


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A Day in the Life of

via infosthetics, we see these two interesting maps showing US and Worldwide traffic of the Times website: US The New York Times site traffic, US, June 25, 2009 from Nick Bilton on Vimeo. Global The New York Times site traffic, World View, June 25, 2009 from Nick Bilton on Vimeo.

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Boogaludo’s Channel

One of the strangest YouTube channels I have come across is Boogaludo’s Channel. The simple premise: A video of a needle of a tonearm dropping on a 45 The collection of music is both weird and wonderful. He’s got 100s of singles uploaded Here is Tarheel Slim – Wildcat Tamer Boogaludo’s Channel Vimeo version…Read More

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A Guide to the Cosmos

Via the NYT discussion of “Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle,” we get these outstanding photos, an “an exquisite picture guide to the universe by Michael Benson, a photographer, journalist and filmmaker, and obviously a longtime space buff.” The Andromeda Galaxy Cat’s Paw Nebula The colliding Antenna Galaxies Carina Nebula (note the eerily suspended Bok Globules…Read More

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World’s Tallest Tower

> Source: Dubai Opens a Tower to Beat All LANDON THOMAS Jr. NYT, January 4, 2010

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Muzorama: Surrealistic cartoon by Jean-Philippe Masson

Muzorama from Muzorama Team on Vimeo. Muzorama is a short 3D animation film based on the universe of french illustrator Jean-Philippe Masson aka Muzo. Produce in 2008 with a six weeks production time. Directed by Elsa Brehin, Raphaël Calamote, Mauro Carraro, Maxime Cazaux, Emilien Davaud, Laurent Monneron and Axel Tillement. Softwares used are Autodesk 3D…Read More

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Little Milton – Feel so Bad

Welcome to the weekend Info: Blues singer / guitarist Little Milton first started recording at Sun about the same time as Elvis. He didn’t really make a splash though until the early 60s, which was maybe surprising considering his Bobby Bland style soulful blues was less fashionable then than when he started out. Feel so…Read More

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Olympus BioScapes 2009 Winners Gallery

Fascinating micro-photography: Dr. Jan Michels Christian Albrecht University of Kiel, Institute of Zoology Kiel, Germany Specimen: Daphnia atkinsoni (Water Flea) Technique: Confocal laser scanning microscopy Dr. Chung-Ju Rachel Wang University of California Berkeley, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology Berkeley, CA, USA Specimen: Synaptonemal complex Technique: 3D-Structured Illumination Charles Krebs Issaquah, WA, USA Specimen: Haematococcus pluvialis (Unicellular…Read More

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Picturing the Past Decade Graphically

Here are the highlights of the year’s news stories, depicted visually: Click for large graphic Source: OP-CHART: Picturing the Past 10 Years Phillip Niemeyer NYT, December 27, 2009

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