▶ Why do you blog?

Excellent question. The short answer is it helps to quiet the voices in my head; the longer answer is it helps me to figure out what I think.  See this for more details: Why Blog?

▶ Are you going to write a second book?

Yes, I am working on two new books: One is a general interest book on investing (this might even be an ebook); the other is a follow up to Bailout Nation.

▶ Are you giving investment advice on the site?

I am offering my general thoughts and insights into issues that affect the economy, capital markets, financial planning, investing and trading. The readers of the site are from all over the world, have different risk tolerances, tax circumstances, and incomes. I don’t know what they need to retire or what local regulations may govern there investing industries. Thus, what I write here cannot possibly apply to everyone.

It is more than legal boilerplate, it is actually true: This is not specific investment advice, it is for general information purposes only.

▶ Can you answer my specific questions about my portfolio?

Probably not. Managing assets for other people is what I do for a living. I can discuss only in general terms the principles that cover my investing philosophy but I cannot give you financial advice over email or on the blog.

If you have specific questions about your portfolio, please see the info on asset management.

▶ What are your investment minimums?

We do not have formal investment minimums. However, we run a diversified asset allocation model that does require a decent slug of cash to effectuate. Most of our clients have substantial portfolios, so these minimums usually are not an issue. This also allows us to work more closely with a manageable number of families (instead of the 1,000s of clients per broker typical at big investment firms).

▶ I like your investing philosophy, but I have a modest-sized portfolio ($10,000-$250,000). Is there a way to deploy your strategies?

Yes! We have been developing a low-cost, ETF driven strategy that works well for any size portfolio – it require no minimums whatsoever. I am hopeful this will be ready by the end of the year.

If you want to be kept appraised as how this develops, I have created a mailing list for this — you can request to be added to that information list by clicking here.

▶ Why aren’t you writing about X?

I prefer to write about fully fleshed out issues rather than discussing single letters.

Besides, I am not interested in X; as it turns out, I am really interested in Y – that is why I cover Y so extensively here: Posts about Y, links to stories discussing Y, charts of Y, recipes made with Y. I really am into Y – it is so much cooler than X; I think X sucks.

It does appear, however, that you are interested in X. May I suggest you find a site that writes about X, or alternatively, you could write about X yourself?

▶ Why did you delete my comment?

Most comments are deleted — or more accurately, never published — because they are off topic. Many comments also fail to be published because they are false, misleading, or unsourced. In other words, they fail to meet our standards.

Most online sites have terrible comment streams. I have researched this extensively and decided to implement a simple rule: No crap allowed. You can read the fine print on my comment policy here.

▶ I read your book and it sucks. You suck. I hate you.

Send me your proof of purchase and the original book and I will happily refund your money. (I will also mock you, but that’s what I get for my $10.82).

▶ Isn’t string theory just as predictive as quantum field theory?

I have no idea.