Global dollar credit: links to US monetary policy and leverage

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John Oliver on Big Tobacco

Thanks to tobacco industry regulations and marketing restrictions in the US, smoking rates have dropped dramatically. John Oliver explains how tobacco companies are keeping their business strong overseas.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco



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Tech Leads the Way

Source: WSJ

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AQR & Cliff Asness’ Disclosure

Later this week, I am interviewing Cliff Asness for Masters in Business. While doing some prep work for the show, I came across this delight: The Cliff Asness Disclosure document:   Cliff Asness Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of AQR Capital Management,…Read More

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Go on the Daily Show!

Last week, we had the announcement of the end of Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show. I had been saving this column for the next TDS disaster, but rather than hold it, I decided to set it free. Enjoy. ~~~ A few months ago, my fellow Bloomberg View columnist Megan McCardle anticipated just such a…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

Its a vacation week in the States, but thats doesn’t mean we stop reading, and neither should you. My morning train reads: • Physics in finance: Trading at the speed of light (Nature) • Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2015 (Credit Suisse) • Josh’s awesome investment mix (Reformed Broker) • Goldman Sachs Doesn’t Care What You Think (Epicurean Dealmaker) • Gary Shilling…Read More

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Do contractionary monetary policy shocks expand shadow banking?

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TDS & Jon Stewart’s Legacy: By the Numbers

Source: Yahoo

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Interview: Full Disclosure Radio

artworks-000079826714-f6sx9b-t500x500Last week, Roben Farzad turned the tables and gave me the full podcast treatment on his show, Full Disclosure Radio. He was gracious and way too complementary. (Remind me one day to explain how the whole horse thing came about).

It was a fun conversation. We chatted for about an hour, and if the feed wasn’t scheduled to cut off, we probably could have gone another hour. You can download it on iTunes, stream it on Soundcloud, or just click after the jump to listen.

Every now and again, being reminded what its like on the other side of the interview is good for my MiB process. Be sure to give it a listen.


Full Disclosure Radio
Roben Farzad on Twitter

Read More

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10 President’s Day Reads

3 day weekend! No worries, we have some morning reads for you: • Some of the Oldest Companies in the Tech Industry Are Hitting Multiyear Highs (Slate) •  The NYTimes could be worth $19bn instead of $2bn (Monday Note) • Japan’s Weak GDP Belies Progress in Deflation Battle (Bloomberg) • Meanwhile, at the “Best House in a Bad Neighborhood”……Read More

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