The Trouble with Hedge Funds

Over the past few years, I have spilled quite a few pixels about issues with Hedge Funds from an investor’s perspective (See e.g., this, this, this, this and this).

My 4 primary complaints are 1) Poor performance; 2) High Fees; 3) Inflated — phoney really — expected returns; and 4) Mis-classification of HF as an asset class.

FT Alphaville has done yeoman’s work covering the finance industry’s coverage of the hedge fund industry. Here is a quick list of some of their commentary:

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Tina & Amy Host The Golden Globes

And they say women can’t be funny. Once upon a time we looked up to movie stars, they were royalty we emulated and adored. Now they’re fodder for derision. They don’t realize we don’t care about their high concept films. That’s right Nic Cage, you were a star, now you’re a punchline. We revere money…Read More

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Islam in Europe

Source: The Economist

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Cornucopia: Stockpiles of Foodstuffs

Nice chart from WSJ about the stockpiles of foodstuffs around the world:     Source: WSJ

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Bill Gross: “I was Fired From Pimco”

On “Before The Bell,” Bloomberg’s Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns and Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz run down the top stories of the day. Bloomberg, Jan. 12 2015

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Bill Gross Defends His Record

Last year was a time of change and controversy for Bill Gross: His unplanned exit from Pacific Investment Management Co. in September, a whisper campaign before the palace coup, a new job at Janus Capital. Amid all this, Gross is most upset about one thing: Despite 40 years at the top of the fixed-income world,…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Reset: A new week begins, a fresh chance to see what will be. Oh, and our morning train reads: • Return of the Stockpickers: Active managers seek to recapture their lost glory as interest rates rise. (Barron’s) but see Hedge Funds Take Cautious Line on Stocks Use of Leverage Declines; Wall Street Analysts Recommend Shares…Read More

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Fed: “Are Concerns About Leveraged ETFs Overblown?”

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Ask Bill Gross . . .

This week I will be sitting down with one William H. Gross, formerly of Pimco, now at Janus, for the next episode in our Masters in Business series on Bloomberg Radio. I would imagine you might have some questions for him. Well, now you get to ask — You can post a comment here, or…Read More

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