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Largest Company by Revenue in Each State

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Where the Wealthy Are Putting Their Money?

The new “World Wealth Report” for 2015 was released last week fromCap Gemini and RBC Wealth Management. The focus is on the population of high net worth individuals, or HNWIs as the report calls them. The report, based on a survey of more than 5,100 wealthy people in 23 major markets, is packed with fascinating data and…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Welcome to Summer. Start it off right with our low-humidity, morning train reads: • Surprise: Some Active Managers are Skilled. (Alpha Architect) but see When Ordinary Beats Extraordinary (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Housel: Probability Beats Predictions (Fool) • McCulley: Escape Fandango​ (Pimco) • The housing market, any way you look at it, can’t lose (Marketwatch) see also After an Era of Ups and…Read More

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Fed (San Francisco): Involuntary Part-Time Work: Here to Stay?

…involuntary part-time work may remain significantly above its pre-recession level as the labor market continues to recover.

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Are Mutual Fund Managers Skilled?

  Jonathan Berk turns the efficient market hypothesis, which popularized the belief that mutual fund managers were “monkey investors” who consistently perform worse than the overall market, on its head to prove that mutual fund managers are in fact highly skilled investors. And he proposes a new way to accurately measure a mutual fund manager’s…Read More

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Happy Solstice 2015

A few interesting factoids about the Summer Solstice:

1. Its the 1st day Of Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere)
2. The Summer Solstice is also the Winter Solstice (in the Southern Hemisphere).
3. This year, it falls on June 21. But that’s not always true. It occurs when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. It varies between June 20-22.
4. The word “Solstice” is means “sun” and “staying,” or “the sun standing still.”
5. Around noon on the solstice, your shadow will be the smallest it is all year.
6. In some places, there’s constant sunlight.
7. Solstice has been celebrated for centuries.






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Red State, Blue State: Kansas & Washington

@TBPInvictus here. We have interesting experiments going on in the state of Kansas and the city of Seattle. Herewith a brief update on both. Thanks to the following Tweet, I was made aware of the fact that – as you can see – the state of Kansas, under Sam Brownback’s awesome tax cuts, recorded the…Read More

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Cures for the Common Financial Web

Wonderful collection of sites from Jimmy Atkinson at Fund Reference: ~~~ Thankfully there are a number of sites dedicated to conveying investment advice that is actually worthwhile. The exceptional sites listed below can serve as resources for those looking to invest wisely and gradually accumulate wealth. Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz remains one of the most insightful and honest…Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

Happy Summer! Its the longest day of the year, and we have enough reading material to keep you busy all day: • Will Retiring Baby Boomers Ruin Future Market Returns? (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Rising Interest Rates and Sector Performance (Invesco) • The Mayor vs. the Mogul: Michael Bloomberg’s $9 billion identity crisis. (Politico) • Civility Breaks Out…Read More

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