Nice work from Michael Lewis, circa 1989:

michael lewis japan quake 1989

Hat tip Paul Kedrosky

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When Plates Collide

Informative eye candy from Good about the various earthquake danger zones. > click for ginormous graphic >

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Possible Downside Targets for the S&P500

Note: I said APRIL 16, when I meant MARCH 16. DOH!

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Bad Oehmen: Confirmation Bias, Sources & Astroturfing

The tragedy in Japan is still unfolding. To those of you who are curious as to how your own brains operate, and what various reactions mean to your investments, this is what we might call a teachable moment. Back on March 13th, Ron Dodson sent me a Tweet touting an “MIT scientist’s take on Japan.”…Read More

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The Strange Case of Josef Oehmen

This was originally from Genius Now site, but they seem to have exceed their bandwidth, and it is being reposted here until such time as they are back up. ~~~ The Strange Case of Josef Oehmen In the wake of the nuclear incidents in Japan, a great deal of information and misinformation has been spread…Read More

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Keep One Eye on Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Keep One Eye on Middle East and North Africa (MENA) David R. Kotok March 15, 2011 ~~~ It is perfectly understandable that media focuses nearly exclusive coverage on Japan. TV works that way. We fully appreciate the concern about Japan. We have written about it several times. In addition, we have taken our Japan…Read More

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MSNBC: Global Selloff in Wake of Japan Crisis (3.15)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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PPI runs hot, Housing starts awful (I say that’s good)

Feb headline PPI rose 1.6% m/o/m, well above estimates of .7% and brings the y/o/y rise to 5.6%. The core rate rose .2%, in line with forecasts and is now a y/o/y gain of 1.8%, the highest since Aug ’09. Energy prices rose 3.3% m/o/m and food was up by 3.9%, bringing the y/o/y gains…Read More

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Wall Street’s Biggest Bargain: Office Space

Interesting discussion at Bloomberg: “The best deal on Wall Street might be its office space. Asking rents for buildings at the one-time mecca of global finance have fallen to among the lowest in Manhattan after ranking as some of the priciest as recently as 2008. Wall Street landlords are seeking rates about 18 percent less…Read More

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CNBC: Have Japan Fundamentals Really Changed? (3.15)

Fusion IQ’s Barry Ritholtz thought Japan’s fundamental picture was improving before the devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck. Has this crisis changed his view?

Although Ritholtz believes that Japan will eventually recover, he does think the quake is a game changer.

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