California Dreaming

California is a strong brand, the state of new beginnings, dreams and movie stars, of surfers and a wonderful climate. But the Golden State is bankrupt and the city of Los Angeles is running out of cash. Public services are being cut and unemployment keeps rising. At the same time, optimism, entrepreneurship and the belief in the power of America are stronger than ever.

In Los Angeles, we meet five people who are going through a transformation in their lives during this crisis. Justin and Christine lost their jobs and are now living in a van with their two young sons. Charles has gotten out of prison after fourteen years. Mizuko prepares her children for the future by making them at ease in virtual reality. Laura has taken advantage of the crisis by buying land cheaply and starting an urban farm and artists collective Fallen Fruit maps the abundant free ‘public fruit’ available in the city. Who are the pioneers who are reinventing the new America and how do they see the future?

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Confidence rises but so do inflation expectations

The 1st look at Nov UoM confidence was slightly better than expected at 69.3 vs the consensus of 69. It’s up from 67.7 in Oct and the best reading in 5 months but remains below the best figure of the year, 76 back in June. Most of the gain was in Current Conditions which rose…Read More

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What’s Driving the Art Market? Easy Money.

By now you’ve heard about the $63 million Warhol, the $69 million Modigliani and the $43 million Roy Lichtenstein paintings that sold in the past two weeks. You probably didn’t know that a Chinese vase sold for £53 million (that’s more than $75 million) yesterday in a provincial English town. Either way, it wasn’t hard…Read More

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California Muni Bond Fund Shellacking

Since so many of you have asked: These funds are getting mangled on expectations of — All Aboard! Munis and California joining Ireland on the default train. Even the general Muni funds have lots of California Exposure > PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II > PIMCO California Municipal Income Fund II Nuveen Municipal Value Fund

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China stocks slammed/PIG debt rallies

Chinese stocks and the rest of Asia did not respond well (Shanghai index down 5.2%) to the 4.4% rise in Chinese CPI and the faster than expected loan growth in Oct as it spurred fears that the PBOC will quickly respond with another interest rate hike. While most of the rise in CPI was due…Read More

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The New Economic Cycle

Gordon Long has an interesting graphic on what he describes as the New Economic Cycle. > > Quite fascinating . . . > Source: We’ll Need The Courage Of Our Forefathers The New Economic Cycle Gordon T. Long The Automatic Earth, November 8 2010

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The Real Life Social Network v2

The Real Life Social Network v2 View more documents from Paul Adams. Hat tip Druce The Real Life Social Network v2 from Paul Adams

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Virgin Galactic

> LAT: A production facility that would build the world’s first fleet of commercial spaceships is set to begin construction Tuesday at the Mojave Air and Space Port. The 68,000-square-foot facility, one of the first aircraft assembly plants to be built in the region in decades, will be home to the Spaceship Co., or TSC…Read More

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Futures Pressured Lower; Shanghai Down 5.2%

Futures and commodities are sliding on the latest fears: There is widespread speculation that to quell its rising inflation, China will raise interest rates. Asian markets were down: The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index fell 5.2% Friday, erasing nearly a quarter of the country’s three-month market upswing in a day. European Bourses slipped 1%. SPX Futures…Read More

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Janet Tavakoli on Foreclosure Fraud

Janet Tavakoli, Tavakoli Structured Finance, discusses bank and foreclosure fraud via Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Countrywide, Bank of America, Citigroup etc. with David Fry

Janet Tavakoli on Bank Foreclosure Fraud from David Fry on Vimeo.

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