A Bear in the China Shop


A Bear in the China Shop
Daniel Gross
Daily Ticker, June 1 2011

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ADP’s Job Data Reliability? Not Great . . .

> Yesterday’s selloff was triggered in part by a weak ADP report, and fears of a broader economic slowdown. Lets see if we can navigate the crosscurrents here to discern what, if anything, is happening. First off, the economy is slowing. At least, the 2nd derivative rate of growth is throttling back, from over 3%…Read More

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The Fed put and its danger

Asian markets overnight took the economic slowdown, selloff cue from us and Europe continues its correction, further adjusting to the US selloff after markets there closed yesterday. Yesterday I mocked the discussion of QE3 as an unfortunate byproduct of the Fed put that has been so ingrained in market psychology over the past 15 year…Read More

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Yastrow: “We Are on the Verge of a Great, Great Depression”

The news that frequent CNBC guest Peter Yastrow of Yastrow Origer (and formerly with DT Trading) told CNBC that “We’re on the verge of a great, great depression. The [Federal Reserve] knows it” is going viral today. But this is not news to anyone who has been paying attention. As I pointed out Tuesday, billion…Read More

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Most Photographed NYC Attraction? 5th Ave Apple Store

This is insane stuff: “Researcher Eric Fischer mapped and analyzed millions of photos on flicker that were taken throughout the city and looked at their geo-tagged information — such as time and date they were shot –to determine patterns of interest. Although the sleek glass exterior of the Fifth Avenue Apple store gets the most…Read More

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The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media

Fast Co Design: A Graphic Novel Unlocks How The Media Manipulates Facts

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Cockpit View: Twilight Landing At Los Angeles LAX

Cockpit view landing approach of a commercial airliner at Los Angeles airport (30 min. compressed into 3 min.) In the evening at dusk, with the last rays of light and the first lights of the city, as if you were sitting atop the cabin of the aircraft fly over the California cities of Thousand Oaks…Read More

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I didn’t need a global economic collapse to know that the Chicago School of Economics was intellectually bankrupt — but the crisis sure has revealed that much to many many others: • Delong: The Intellectual Collapse of the Chicago School of Economics Continues • Gavyn Davies: The classical view of the global recession • Krugman: Whispers,…Read More

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Afternoon Reading List

Here are today’s Instapaper reads: • Lehman Veteran Is Back in Game (WSJ) • Small Windows in an Unfavorable Long-Term Picture (Hussman Funds) • Buy Cheap Bonds with Safe Spread (Pimco) • Intolerable choices for the eurozone (FT) • How formulaic housing coverage fails to serve home buyers (Poynter) • India Is Growing, But Indians…Read More

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Cash Levels at 30%

“How much cash are you holding?“ > That seems to be the dominant question I am getting from readers.  Our long/short portfolio was as long as 86% not too long ago. We have been doing selective trimming over the past few weeks, but nothing too aggressive. As of this morning, we were about 70% long,…Read More

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