WikiLeaks Documentary

Be sure to check out WikiRebels – The Documentary.

It is a rough-cut of the first in-depth documentary on WikiLeaks and the people behind it. Swedish Television reporters Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist investigate.

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WikiRebels – The Documentary

From YouTube:

“Exclusive rough-cut of first in-depth documentary on WikiLeaks and the people behind it!

From summer 2010 until now, Swedish Television has been following the secretive media network WikiLeaks and its enigmatic Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange.

Reporters Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist have traveled to key countries where WikiLeaks operates, interviewing top members, such as Assange, new Spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson, as well as people like Daniel Domscheit-Berg who now is starting his own version –!

Where is the secretive organization heading? Stronger than ever, or broken by the US? Who is Assange: champion of freedom, spy or rapist? What are his objectives? What are the consequences for the internet?”



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Open Thread

Hey, its Monday night, and I am sure everyone has lots on their minds — The Nasdaq reversal, the all time high in Apple (AAPL), the coming economic data, the year end markets. What’s on your collective minds — Ron Paul and the Fed, Gold Foreclosure, Litigation, Putbacks? Its open thread time — whatever the…Read More

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Goldman’s Apple Upgrade Shouldn’t Matter to You

It seems that lots of news sites are all atwitter over Goldies’ $430 target on Apple. My view is that you are much better off forming your own opinion than relying on someone else’s Video is here: Goldman $430 Target on Apple: Yawn

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Goldman $430 Target on Apple: Yawn

Goldman Sachs Upgrade on Apple should not mean much to smart investors.

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Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus – On Nov.13 2010 unsuspecting shoppers got a big surprise while enjoying their lunch. Over 100 participants in this awesome Christmas Flash Mob. This is a must see! This flash mob was organized by to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Special thanks to Robert Cooper and Chorus Niagara, The Welland Seaway Mall,…Read More

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China and US interest rates continue higher

Large consumer (5.1%) and producer price (6.1%) gains in China was not immediately met with an interest rate hike from the PBOC, at least not yet, and the lack of one sent the Shanghai index up almost 3% and the rest of Asian markets followed. That strength spilled over into Europe and has the S&P…Read More

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10 Lessons of Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme

Its been two years since the Madoff crime erupted across headlines. The massive theft punctured what little faith investors  had in the markets, investment firms and regulators. Fraud rarely has a silver lining, but the least we can do is try to learn from other people’s mistakes. There were many many lessons to be learned…Read More

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Tavakoli’s Top Ten Business Books of 2010

Janet Tavakoli’s list of best business books is as humorous a piece of scorched earth journalism you will ever come across. (She sure doesn’t care what bridges she burns): Tavakoli’s Top Ten Business Books of 2010 • New Century: Fooling Me All of the Time or Why Improper Practices Only Matter When I’m Short and…Read More

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Brain Oddities: Spelling is Irrelevant to Comprehension

In trying to make sense of the world around us, our brains have evolved to do some very odd things. The more we learn about our cognitive processes, the more it seems we have inherited a very weird wetware set, filled with bizarre and misleading foibles. While most of the cognitive errors I reference here…Read More

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