MSNBC: Global Selloff in Wake of Japan Crisis (3.15)

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PPI runs hot, Housing starts awful (I say that’s good)

Feb headline PPI rose 1.6% m/o/m, well above estimates of .7% and brings the y/o/y rise to 5.6%. The core rate rose .2%, in line with forecasts and is now a y/o/y gain of 1.8%, the highest since Aug ’09. Energy prices rose 3.3% m/o/m and food was up by 3.9%, bringing the y/o/y gains…Read More

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Wall Street’s Biggest Bargain: Office Space

Interesting discussion at Bloomberg: “The best deal on Wall Street might be its office space. Asking rents for buildings at the one-time mecca of global finance have fallen to among the lowest in Manhattan after ranking as some of the priciest as recently as 2008. Wall Street landlords are seeking rates about 18 percent less…Read More

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CNBC: Have Japan Fundamentals Really Changed? (3.15)

Fusion IQ’s Barry Ritholtz thought Japan’s fundamental picture was improving before the devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck. Has this crisis changed his view?

Although Ritholtz believes that Japan will eventually recover, he does think the quake is a game changer.

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Japan sells 20 yr paper/ECB/Bahrain

Anticipating what lies ahead for Japan in funding a rebuilding over the next few yrs with the backdrop of an already highly indebted balance sheet, investors demanded the highest yield since Mar ’10 in buying a 20 yr bond auctioned off today in Japan. The bid to cover was solid at 4.13 vs 2.64 in…Read More

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Japan Quake: Interactive Before and After Satellite Photos

Amazing before and after photos via German news magazine Spiegel of numerous Japanese towns and cities. (Can anyone translate the headline/sub hed for me, or point to an English language version?) In the interactive version, you can grab a slider and run it across the full photo: > click for interactive version Hat tip Edward…Read More

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U.S. Macro in Two Simple Charts

To understand the U.S. economy go no further than the following two charts.  In 2009 and 2010, public sector borrowing was more than 100 percent of total net domestic credit flows.  Federal government borrowing was 93 percent of these flows.   The chart also shows the incredible collapse of U.S. credit bubble. Private sector deleveraging peaked…Read More

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Media Appearance: Dylan Ratigan, Fast Money (3.15.11)


Special Japanese Edition!

Tonight I will be on Dylan Ratigan (MSNBC at 4pm) and then Fast Money (CNBC at 5:30 pm) discussing today’s market action, and Japan.

Here are our relevant comments:

Black Swans, 100 Year Floods

Trading Japan’s EWJ

Allocation Shift: Closing Shorts, Adding Longs


Videos posted:

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC

CNBC Fast Money

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Rebuilding Japan

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FOMC speaks

The FOMC said the “economic recovery is on a firmer footing and overall conditions in the labor market appear to be improving gradually.” This is an upgrade of their commentary in the Jan meeting. Their comments on spending on equipment and software and the housing market though were similar. With respect to inflation, the Fed…Read More

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