Visual Journalism: NYT Amanda Cox on Cool Data Graphics

Amanda Cox in Denmark for New Media Days:

Visual Journalism via Flowing Data

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A Map to Offend Everyone

I thought I had posted this before, but I cannot seem to find it . . . I guess I was thinking about the previously posted The World According to Americans. Here is the map to offend everyone . . . > click for ginormous graphic

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Building a Chevrolet Volt in 1m55s

Hat tip Paul

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Open Thread: Market Rally > You’ve guys have heard my blather enough. Rather than discuss my viewpoints, I will open the floor: What say ye? >

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Happy Chanukah: The Maccabeats

YU was my grad school, but I never saw the Maccabeats at the Law Library . . . Much slicker than the 2009 version: Chanuka Medley Hat tip Dougie!

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Intelligence Hierarchy: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom

We have been having a series of interesting discussions lately on various aspects of the economy and markets. I notice that some traders have a hard time discerning between different aspects of the intelligence hierarchy. They obsess about data,  but get lost in it. losing the ability to create context and meaning. They have information,…Read More

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Ten Questions Science Must Answer

For 350 years, the Royal Society has called on the world’s biggest brains to unravel the mysteries of science. Its president, Martin Rees, considers today’s big issues, while leading thinkers describe the puzzles they would love to see solved. The 10 big questions What is consciousness? What happened before the big bang? Will science and…Read More

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ISM in line, watch inventory trend

The Nov ISM manufacturing # was about in line at 56.6 and down a touch from 56.9 in Oct. New Orders fell 2.3 pts to a still healthy 56.6 but Backlogs remained below 50, unchanged at 46. Production, which follows orders, fell a sharp 7.7 pts to the lowest since June ’09. Manufacturing Inventories rose…Read More

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Dollar Bouncing Off Lows

Currency trading is one of those things best left to the professionals. (FT called Forex  trading a “$100 billion hustle“). However, that does not mean that we cannot occasionally look at chart of the dollar and marvel at how technically it trades. And the market seems to be taking its trading cues off the greenback….Read More

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World Clock

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