Global land cover change from 8000 BP to -50 BP

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Yep, it was us, the Fed did it

Retiring Fed member Hoenig, famous for his dissent vote all of last year on expanding Fed policy and actually calling for raising rates, is laying out again his call for the dangers of current policy in a speech. What is also of interest is his accusation that the Fed is largely to blame for the…Read More

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Corporate Logos Reflect Company Principles

John Sherffius, who did the cover (and the awesome cartoons) for Bailout Nation, takes his own satirical swipe at GE: > via John Sherfius

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Josh Rosner’s Congressional Testimony: Too Big to Fail

Rosner Testimony March 30 2011

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Private job adds good in March

ADP said the private sector added 201k jobs in March, the 3rd month in the past 4 above 200k. It was though slightly below expectations of 208k and Feb was revised down by 9k. Gains were again led by small and medium sized businesses in both goods producing and service providing sectors. Manufacturing specifically added…Read More

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Is QE3 Already Here?

We continue to watch the low volume levitation run as we head towards a denouement of the end of quarter window dressing, Friday’s NFP and the end of QE2 on June 30th. Earnings are good, analyst consensus for 2012 is very strong (too strong?). The hope is that the market might be able to “grow”…Read More

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Cesium Fallout from Fukushima ALREADY Rivals Chernobyl

As I’ve previously noted, many experts say that the Fukushima plants will keep on leaking for months. See this and this. And the amount of radioactive fuel at Fukushima dwarfs Chernobyl. As the New York Times notes, radioactive cesium is the main danger from the Japanese nuclear accident: Over the long term, the big threat…Read More

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I am aghast. I am watching Squawk Box, and the stream of misstatements, political jargon, and sheer falsity is overwhelming me. Let me clarify this for you, Joe Kernan: You want to know what the biggest threat to the economy in a century was? RECKLESS OVERLEVERAGED, UNDER-CAPITALIZED BANKERS and the COLLAPSE OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM…Read More

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Spy Magazine, September 1991

I used to love this magazine back in the day — when I was piss broke and didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together, I always managed to have enough money for a subscription. It was so far ahead of its time, most of it would easily fit into your average snarky website Let’s see…Read More

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‘We can overcome,’ for now

‘We can overcome’ continues to be the market message over the past week as Japan, the Middle East, rising energy prices (amongst others), and more moderate than expected Q1 growth aren’t proving to be any sort of roadblock. I believe this gets put to the proper test starting one week from Monday when Alcoa starts…Read More

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