Happy Chanukah: The Maccabeats

YU was my grad school, but I never saw the Maccabeats at the Law Library . . .

Much slicker than the 2009 version: Chanuka Medley

Hat tip Dougie!

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Intelligence Hierarchy: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom

We have been having a series of interesting discussions lately on various aspects of the economy and markets. I notice that some traders have a hard time discerning between different aspects of the intelligence hierarchy. They obsess about data,  but get lost in it. losing the ability to create context and meaning. They have information,…Read More

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Ten Questions Science Must Answer

For 350 years, the Royal Society has called on the world’s biggest brains to unravel the mysteries of science. Its president, Martin Rees, considers today’s big issues, while leading thinkers describe the puzzles they would love to see solved. The 10 big questions What is consciousness? What happened before the big bang? Will science and…Read More

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ISM in line, watch inventory trend

The Nov ISM manufacturing # was about in line at 56.6 and down a touch from 56.9 in Oct. New Orders fell 2.3 pts to a still healthy 56.6 but Backlogs remained below 50, unchanged at 46. Production, which follows orders, fell a sharp 7.7 pts to the lowest since June ’09. Manufacturing Inventories rose…Read More

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Dollar Bouncing Off Lows

Currency trading is one of those things best left to the professionals. (FT called Forex  trading a “$100 billion hustle“). However, that does not mean that we cannot occasionally look at chart of the dollar and marvel at how technically it trades. And the market seems to be taking its trading cues off the greenback….Read More

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World Clock


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Paging Gordo, Part I

“The most valuable commodity I know of is information, wouldn’t you agree?” — Gordon Gekko, to Bud Fox,  in Wall St.


Invictus here, ladies and gents.

Almost 24 years later, not much about Gekko’s comment has changed except, perhaps, how we acquire that information.  Certainly the recent spate of insider trading investigations highlights the point that information clearly still carries a large premium.  But, as it relates to legally obtained information, there are myriad sources, and sometimes even the most reputable tell different stories.

As we can plainly (and interestingly) see immediately below, two daily publications of national repute — The Wall St. Journal and NY Times, respectively — presented different takes on a recent medical research report on Vitamin D.  The Journal suggested that one’s dosage should be tripled, the Times that supplementing Vitamin D at all may be a mistake.


Wall Street Journal


New York Times


This leads me to ask, quite informally:  Where do you get your information?

As finance/economy/markets are my job, I supplement the standard daily (or weekly) fare (WSJ, NY Times, FT, Barron’s, etc.) with two subscription services:  Briefing.com and Econoday.  For data analysis, I’m typically  interested in data straight from the source, be it BLS, BEA, Census, the Fed, NAR, NAHB, and, of course, the granddaddy repository St. Louis Fed.  I want it pure and unfiltered — just give me the numbers, the consensus, and the source (if I don’t already know it).  That said, here’s a brief review of Econoday and why I find it indispensable; Briefing.com another day.

Econoday is a fabulous macro-oriented, top-down service that offers, among other things,  full, customizable  integration of data releases into a subscriber’s Outlook calendar:



I’m a huge fan of having every release — and then some — tucked nicely into my monthly Outlook view.  But wait, there’s more…

Read More

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ADP says more private sector adds than expected

ADP said private sector job gains in Nov were 93k, 23k above expectations and Oct was revised higher by 39k to 82k. Averaging the two months together has them at the best level since late ’07. Both the goods producing and service providing sectors added jobs. Manufacturing in particular added 16k jobs, more than offsetting…Read More

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China to the rescue! At least for today

China to the rescue! At least for today. Both the Chinese state and private sector weighted PMI manufacturing indices rose to 7 month highs but higher inflation came with it as input costs rose to the most since June ’08. There were also gains in the Taiwan and South Korean PMI indices and the Kospi…Read More

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Distribution of Recovery Awards Map

Recovery.gov has a pretty cool flash animation, designed by Edward Tufte, the father of information design, and the author of Visual Display of Quantitative Information. > click for animated map Source: Recovery.gov hat tip Flowing Data

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