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Is the Prius the New Model for Global Good Governance?
Daniel Gross
Yahoo Tech TickerJan 14, 2011

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events (1/14/11)

Positives: 1) Japan joins China in wanting to chip in to help Europe 2) Portugal, Spain and Italy all successfully sell debt and sets calmer tone for the week 3) US Treasury yields shrug off higher inflation readings and stay moderate (bond bulls should thank the Fed) 4) Stocks shrug off all the negatives below…Read More

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Wile E. Coyote Market

More from David Rosenberg, who sees the market as heavily propped up by the Fed. This is his expectations  for the next  year: ~~~ That’s all, folks!

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Is Equity Sentiment Really Over-Bullish?

Sentiment indicators from the AAII (individual investors) and Investors Intelligence (newsletter writes) indicate that stock market sentiment is at historically high levels, and has been for a while. However, whenever I discuss stock markets with people – ranging from private investors to institutions to journalists – most of them seem to be more concerned about…Read More

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Is China Really Funding the US Debt?

I keep hearing people erroneously claim that China is funding US deficit spending. It seems that every eejit with a fundamental misunderstanding of mathematics (and access to Xtranormal‘s animated talking bears) has been pushing this concept. It turns out to be only partially true — and by partially, I mean 7.5% true. But that means…Read More

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Should I Work for Free?

Funny, we were just having this conversation yesterday: > click for ginormous graphic > Jessica Hische via Flowing Data

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Are the FT’s Digital Subscribers More Global?

The $64 million question in media is whether readers will pay for content when it is delivered digitally. The first phase of the digitization of the media that took place during the decade that just passed was built upon the presumption that audience size mattered above all. But when digital advertising failed to generate revenue…Read More

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Economic data

In contrast to the improvement seen in the ABC confidence poll this week, the 1st look at Jan UoM was light at 72.7 vs expectations of 75.5 and down from 74.5 in Dec. The drop was solely led by a decline in the Current Conditions component which fell 5.5 pts to a 3 month low…Read More

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Housing Crisis As Seen via One Foreclosed House

Marketplace has a special report on the housing crisis through the lens of one house that fell into foreclosure. There is an interactive version of the story, and links to audio version and the companion 30-min documentary: SoCal Connected and the acclaimed public radio show Marketplace have teamed up to take a tough look at…Read More

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Lot 354: America’s Housing Meltdown

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