From Information is Beautiful, below you will find Debtris, a visual depiction of US debt; (the UK version here)



directed by: David McCandless
animation by: Miles Tudor, Dom Del Torto
music: Daniel Pemberton

sources: NY Times, The Guardian, BBC
data here:

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Pirates Cove

David R. Kotok Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Pirates Cove January 2, 2011 > “We’d like to thank you, Herbert Hoover” sang the full chorus in ”Annie.” (Lyrics available here). > “A Hooverville was the popular name for shantytowns built by homeless people during the Great Depression. They were named after the President of the…Read More

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Stock Market Matrix: The Investment Triangle

One of the things I frequently reference is the long term secular periods of bull and bear markets. Holding onto a broad basket of stocks for 10 or even 20 years is not a guarantee of positive returns. The matrix below was developed by Ed Easterling of Crestmont Research. It shows the outcome of your…Read More

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Guru Time of Year

Yes, its that time of year when all the Gurus come out to discuss what the markets and the economy will be doing in the coming 12 months. These tend to fall into several categories: 1) Asset managers talking their books; 2) the Perma-bulls and bears do the usual debate; 3) A series of confirmation-biased…Read More

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Bob Lefsetz is a music industry observer, and publisher of the Lefsetz letter: ~~~ How did Apple (AAPL) become one of the most valuable companies in America? By doubling down in a recession. Remember the dot com crash?  Everybody in tech pulled back.  Not Apple.  The Cupertino computer company invested.  And then released a product…Read More

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Art Huprich’s Market Truisms and Axioms

Raymond James’ P. Arthur Huprich published a terrific list of rules at year’s end. Other than commandment #1, they are in no particular order: • Commandment #1: “Thou Shall Not Trade Against the Trend.” • Portfolios heavy with underperforming stocks rarely outperform the stock market! • There is nothing new on Wall Street. There can’t…Read More

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If this is Socialism, call me Comrade

Global Macro Monitor produces informed opinion about markets and the global economy. This was originally published on December 31, 2010 ~~~ No politics or partisanship here, “just the facts ma’am”.  The stock market as measured by the S&P500 is up just about 50 percent since President Obama’s inauguration to today’s close.   Only Eisenhowser comes close,…Read More

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A Different Kind of Top 10 Music List for 2010

Its that time: We present our annual “Different Kind of Music List” for 2010;  If you missed prior versions, then here’s the deal with what makes this list different: There are lots of Best of Lists out there, but most of them aren’t relevant to real people, i.e. adults (a group I have only recently…Read More

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Before there even was a financial web, there was Before Yahoo Finance had 23 million users, before there were blogs, before there was any real online trading worth mentioning, before anyone was doing market-related stuff on the web (mainstream media included) – there was  November of 1996 to be exact, I became a…Read More

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US Overseas Grants & Loans

Cool display of US overseas aid: > click for interactive site Source: Tableau Software

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