Household Food Security in the US

Eighty-five percent of American households were food secure throughout the entire year in 2009, meaning that they had access at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members. The remaining households (14.7 percent) were food insecure at least some time during the year.

Something to consider on this holiday when we give thanks for what we have.  As the holiday season kicks into high gear, please consider helping those less fortunate than yourself:

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~ Winston Churchill

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Matt Taibbi: Blame Greenspan

Blame Greenspan

Insider Trading Is “Everywhere”

Insider Trading Is “Everywhere,” Matt Taibbi Says: “The Fear Is There’s No End to It”
Aaron Task
Yahoo Tech Ticker Nov 23, 2010“everywhere”-matt-taibbi-says-“the-fear-is-there’s-no-end-to-it”-535645.html

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Let the Ritualized Turkey Massacre Begin!

In the US, we eat almost 300 million turkeys per year. About a third of them are consumed in the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let the slaughter begin! hat tip Flowing Data > See also: • The Genetics of White Meat and Dark Meat from Scientific American (Thanks, Erin Biba!) • Tyrannosaurus Rex Had…Read More

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Moving averages flirting with key levels

I yesterday summarized my market view in a post entitled “Commodity prices – on a knife’s edge”. For some additional perspective, I consider the key moving averages of the principal asset classes in the following paragraphs: The major moving-average levels for the benchmark U.S. stock market indices, the BRIC countries and South Africa (where I…Read More

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Thus, the Crazy Shopping Season Begins

Black Friday Sales have already begun. I am not planning on going crazy, but since a planned trip to Florida during Xmas week had to be rescheduled, I will be home chillin. My only purchase so far is Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I last saw in theaters)  in Blu-Ray for $7.99 per disc…Read More

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StockTwits Store, Arch Coal (Screenr)

Next week, Stocktwits launches their new Store –its been in the works for a while, and what we have seen of it is really kicking. In addition to selling low priced data screens ($9.95/mo) to the stock twitterers, we are also thinking about making our individual stock, sector, and market calls available to subscribers. Here…Read More

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CityWire Berlin

Each year, Citywire produces a terrific conference in Berlin. (I spoke there last year). This year, it is (unfortunately for us Yanks) on Thanksgiving weekend. If you are on the continent and want to attend a first rate show, i suggest you head to the Hotel Adlon. More details here. >

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UoM confidence best since June

The 2nd and final look at Nov U of M confidence was 2 pts better than thought at 71.6 and up from the initial reading of 69.3 out a few weeks ago. It’s the best level since June and up from 67.7 in Oct. Both Current Conditions and the Outlook rose a bit more than…Read More

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Tasini on the Deficit Crisis

Be sure to see Jonathan Tasini’s new eBbook: It’s Not Raining, We’re Getting Peed On: The Scam of the Deficit Crisis.” Jonathan has given us permission to reproduce this, and its in the Think Tank now as an iPad friendly PDF. You can get also pick up versions for Kindle or Nook.

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The Scam of the Deficit Crisis

Jonathan Tasini writes: “I have a new book out today: It’s Not Raining, We’re Getting Peed On: The Scam of the Deficit Crisis.” You can get it here at the site or get a really cool version on Kindle or Nook. Makes for good holiday travel reading . . . > ItsNotRaining-JonathanTasini > Source: It’s…Read More

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