FDIC Bank Failure Update

We haven’t run these Chart Store graphs in a few weeks, so lets take a look:

In the beginning of the year, I thought we might blow past 2009′s totals, but it looks like 2010 is going to just barely outpace last year. Strong start, but we look like we will end up within a similar total to last year:



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Investing Losses: Death by Opinion

Chart via No Brainer Trades > No Brainer Trades brought the above chart to my attention, and its worth spending some time detailing. “I heard this guy on CNBC . . . well, his opinion is . . . his trades are . . .” As the chart suggests, these turn out to be amongst…Read More

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Foreclosures in Cleveland: Taking on Banks and Blight

Cleveland’s Judge Raymond L. Plianka takes on banks whose predatory lending resulted in blight

Foreclosures have devastated some neighborhoods in Cleveland, and a housing court judge is making owners and banks pay to keep properties and communities from becoming blighted


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Wankin’ Bankers


An Irishman abroad tells it like it is !! :-)


We at xfm Dublin, Ireland, WANT this man to return home and run the country :-) Even if this man was in a fucking coma, he could do a better job than Fianna Fail and their wanker banker and developer mates. It will be a cold day in Hell, when another Banker / Builder / Property Developer / Speculator or ‘Fianna Failure Lizard’ wipes the eye of the Irish People. They should stick to shovelling shit ! That is what they are used to, that’s what they are good at.

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The Opera Time-Piece: $1.2M

Via A Blog to Read, we see this Manufacture Royale Opera Time-Piece Watch (Accordian) The utterly insane price of the Manufacture Royale’s Opera wristwatch: $1,200,000 >

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Secret Derivatives Trading

Courtesy of NYT > Louise Story has a front page article in the Sunday NYT that is your must read this morning: “On the third Wednesday of every month, the nine members of an elite Wall Street society gather in Midtown Manhattan. The men share a common goal: to protect the interests of big banks…Read More

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Mark Madoff Suicide Leaves Unanswered Questions

Mark Madoff was found dangling from a black dog leash in his Manhattan apartment living room, while his 2-year-old son was found asleep in an adjoining bedroom. The 46 year old son of a thief, in his final act of cowardice. emailed his wife, in Florida with their older child. What a delightful family this…Read More

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Yves Smith on Harry Shearer’s Le Show

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The Beatnix: Stairway To Heaven

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Asness on Mixing Value with Momentum

The AQR founder and manager on AQR Global Equity’s process and the difficulty of momentum investing through the downturn.

By Kathryn Young| 6-24-2010 12:55 PM

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