Japan’s Emergency Warning System Gave 30 Seconds Quake Warning

Japans’ system detects P-waves, and then alerts you on your computer before the bigger S-waves arrive. They also do this on every TV station, and will send texts to your mobile phone. Better to have 30 seconds warning than no warning.

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Japan Plummets 5%; BoJ Injects $146B

Japan is getting shellacked — earthquake, tsunami, partial nuclear meltdown, and now stock market whackage. Here’s Bloomberg: BOJ Pours Record $146 Billion Into Financial System After Quake “The Bank of Japan poured a record 12 trillion yen ($146 billion) into the world’s third-biggest economy today as the strongest earthquake in the nation’s history triggered a…Read More

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FDIC Bank Failures

Another few takeover the past week: > ~~~

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Losing it on 60 Minutes: The Great “Walk-Offs”

March 13, 2011

In this video, compiled by “60 Minutes Overtime,” you’ll hear the back-stories of our favorite walk-offs from the past 40 years. In 2007, French president Nicolas Sarkozy stormed away and left Lesley Stahl asking, “Pourquoi?” Steve Kroft remembers a walk-off performed with “verve” by Russia’s Minister of Atomic Energy and a funny attempted walk-off by Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, during a Mike Wallace interview.

You’ll also see the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, former presidential candidate Ross Perot, and former Russian president Boris Yeltsin all stomp off in a huff.


Losing it on 60 Minutes: the great “walk-offs”
CBS, March 13, 2011 6:38 PM

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Deficits Buster: Pentagon’s Biggest Boondoggles

Wanna get serious about the deficit? Consider these issues: 1) Eliminate agricultural subsidies 2) Slash corporate giveaways/welfare 3) Deal with skyrocketing medical costs, Medicare/Medicaid 4) Cancel unfunded tax cuts Oh, and the cold war is over for decades now — how about we rein in wanton Pentagon spending? > > Source: The Pentagon’s Biggest Boondoggles…Read More

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Help Japan

Signal Noise has this poster for sale — all profits will be donated to help Earthquake/Tsunami relief efforts in Japan. In the USA, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 . . . >

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Earthquake-Tsunami-Reactor David R. Kotok March 13, 2011 www.cumber.com > “We are assuming that a meltdown has occurred.” –Yukio Edano, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, describing his latest position on the quake-damaged nuclear reactor. > Japan is the world’s third largest economy (used to be second) and is experiencing its worst shock since World War II. The…Read More

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iPad? What If You Bought Apple Stock Instead?

Thinking about buying a new iPad 2 or Powerbook? Consider this table below, via Kyle Conroy. It shows what that purchase would have been worth if you had bought AAPL instead of their product and held it to today: > > Apple Product Release Date Original Price Stock Value Today PowerBook G3 250 (3500) 1997-11-10…Read More

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New Trade Idea: Buy Spring (SPRNG)

Stock: OTC Nasdaq Spring (SPRNG) Recommendation: Strong Buy from 40-50; Add from 50-60 Price Target: 85 > I put a new trade on yesterday — we are now long Spring SPRNG), and expect to maintain this position for a quarter or two. Recall that we dumped our holdings of Winter (WNTR) late February; that is…Read More

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The Secret to Apple’s Success

Question: What makes Apple revolutionary?

Guy Kawasaki: if you were to ask people in 1983, you know, what would you like in a personal computer? They would have said, bigger, faster, cheaper, MS-DOS machine, bigger, faster, cheaper Apple II. No one would have described the Macintosh. And so the genius of Steve Jobs is not that he listens to the marketplace focus groups and marketing research and then he takes that research and he implements it, he does not believe in market research. Market research for Apple Computer is Steve’s left hemisphere is connected to his right hemisphere. That’s the focus group.

And so the lesson of Apple is, you know, you cannot necessarily just listen to what able are saying they need because they are going to define everything they need in terms they already know, bigger, faster, cheaper. The shrill revolutionary, then surely enchanting company creates a product or service before people can really define the need for that product or service. They anticipated where the market will go as opposed to simply reacting quickly to where the market is already going.

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