10 Friday AM Reads

My shade grown, organic morning train reads:

• Inside Steve Cohen’s groundbreaking ‘Academy’ poaching young talent from Wall Street (Business Insider)
• Google’s Cute Cars And The Ugly End Of Driving (Buzzfeedsee also A Car That Knows What the Driver Will Do Next (MIT Technology Review)
• Munger’s Advice on Shamans, Humility, and Attention Spans (Motley Fool)
• How Steve Jobs Fleeced Carly Fiorina (Medium)
• Myth or Fact? How Some Jobs-Report Analysis Goes Wrong (Real Time Economics)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with economist Gary Shilling.

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Carlson on Hedge Funds

Todays MUST READ comes from my colleague Ben Carlson discussing some of the nuanced issues surrounding hedge funds: Hedge funds are a lightning rod in the financial industry. The most vocal critics and proponents both offer extreme views that paint a very different picture of the same topic. Some will bash hedge funds no matter…Read More

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2011 Aston Martin One-77

The Aston Martin One-77 won many design awards, including the prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa D’Este. Only 77 units were built, and despite a price of £1.2m plus taxes (20% VAT in the UK brought the cost to £1.466m) — it sold out immediately. The vehicle has a 7.3 litre, 750bhp, engine, top speed of…Read More

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Long-Term Interest Rates: A Survey

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Reducing Vehicle Emissions With Chemistry

Source: Compound Interest

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NextGen Wealth Management Conference

  I am speaking at the NextGen Wealth Management conference this afternoon. Pop over to the Princeton Club of NYC and say hello . . .   Beyond the Call of Duty: Expanding the Definition of a Financial Advisor The “typical” SEC-Registered Investment Adviser has a median of $331.2 million in regulatory assets under management,…Read More

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Commodities Return to the 1990s

    The chart above is the Bloomberg Commodity Index. It consists of baskets of common commodities, including energy, metals, foodstuffs, softs and precious metals. After a fairly flat period in the 1990s, the index leapt upward beginning in the early 2000s. The context explains the jump: High inflation, weak dollar and low interest rates….Read More

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It isn’t a Lehman Moment if . . .

Awesome column by my BV colleague Mark Gilbert, observing that true ‘Lehman Moments’ must clear certain hurdles — and most that are beinfg termed that simply don’t.   It isn’t a Lehman Moment . . . • If people are calling it one. • Unless somewhere in Germany there is a Landesbank up to its neck…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Welcome to October and a quarter to forget. Start the new Q right with our free range morning train reads: • Good Investing Hurts: The best investors enduring years of pain (Motley Fool) see also 2015 Is Turning Out to Be a Terrible Year for Investors (Bloomberg) • Selling is the Easy Part (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Understanding ETF “Flash Crashes”…Read More

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The Bacon Cheeseburger Index

Nicholas Colas, Chief Market Strategist of Convergex, writes a daily preview/analysis for institutional clients.  This is a sample of his work; contact info below.   ~~~~ The history of the hamburger is lost to the fog of human memory, but culinary historians have pieced together a likely migration path starting with the Mongol Empire and…Read More

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