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Full Speech: Obama at the Correspondent’s Dinner

Be sure to stick around through the 13:40 mark, when Luther, Obama’s anger translator, comes on . . .

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10 Quick Content Marketing Tips

10 Quick Content Marketing Tips (By DNN Software. Redesigned by Ethos3.) from Ethos3 | Presentation Design and Training

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The Remarkable Life & Lessons of Ronald Read

    My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at the remarkable life and lessons of Ronald Read. It is a fascinating tale. Here’s an excerpt from the column: “You may have read about the remarkable life and times of Ronald Read. He was the gas station attendant and…Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

Good Sunday morning, Some fascinating material to round out your weekend reading: • The puzzle in active investing (Pensions & Investments) • Forget Buffett the investor. Follow Buffett the manager (Fortune) • Glut of Capital and Labor Challenge Policy Makers (WSJ) • Tangles of pathology (Interfluidity) • The Unintended Twist of Tax Inversions (NYT) • The Battle for The Wrist (Asymco) •…Read More

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Music First, Stardom Second

I can’t get an Apple Watch, but every celebrity known to man has been seeded one to make them look cool. Who’s using who? And if you think it’s the musicians who are coming out ahead, you own no Apple stock. Used to be different. Players weren’t rich. They were in it for the dope,…Read More

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MiB: Schwab’s Liz Ann Sonders

This week, our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Market Strategist for Charles Schwab. Early in her career, Sonders worked for the legendary Marty Zweig, where she learned the importance of sentiment analysis. She also had a front seat to the 1987 crash, accurately forecast by Zweig. Sonders was also a guest host…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

Its the weekend, and that means our longer-form, Brooklyn sourced, artisanal reads: • How Wall Street captured Washington’s effort to rein in banks (Reuters)  see also Can Bankers Behave?Government regulators begin to question whether financial institutions can be reformed at all. (The Atlantic) • Apple Watch: An Overnight Multi-Billion Dollar Business (Carl Howe) • Payday at the mill:…Read More

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Shaggy Off: Steve Higgins vs Shaggy

Higgins and Shaggy go head to head in a rap battle to determine who’s the better Shaggy.  

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