Effects of US Quantitative Easing on Emerging Market Economies

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Those Turkeys Are Clever . . .

Thanks, Brad!

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Self Help for Dogs

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10 Thanksgiving Day Reads

My Turkey day morning train plane reads: • 5 Facts to Silence Your Smug Millennial Nephew This Thanksgiving (WSJ) • Good Luck With That Forecast: When tiny changes totally change the future. (Motley Fool) • How to Talk to Your Relatives About Politics at Thanksgiving (Upshot) • Elite funds prepare for reflation and a bloodbath for bonds (Telegraph) • Be a…Read More

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MiB: NYU Prof Scott Galloway

Something to listen to while traveling:  This past week, our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with Scott Galloway, Professor of Digital Brand and Marketing at NYU Stern. With the holiday shopping season almost upon us, Galloway discusses retail sales. Despite the massive changes in e-commerce, traditional brick and mortar stores have surprisingly regained the upper hand….Read More

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Thanksgiving Flight Patterns

Safe travels!   click for interactive animation Source: The Upshot

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Media Appearance: MEH-rry Retail Season, Consumer Spending

Bloomberg View’s Barry Ritholtz and Bloomberg Intelligence’s Richard Yamarone discuss retailing and the state of the U.S. economy.

Why It’s Going to Be a ‘MEH-rry’ Holiday Retail Season

Source: Bloomberg, November 25 2015


Gracious Home CEO Dottie Mattison and Bloomberg View’s Barry Ritholtz discusses the U.S. economy, and consumer spending and confidence (Our NRF Grinch discussion is the last 5 minutes of them segment) .

U.S. Personal Spending Worse Than Expected

Source: Bloomberg, November 25 2015


Making “The Big Short,” about investors who foresaw the collapse of the housing market and made money short-selling it, left Brad Pitt with little faith in financial reform. Gracious Home CEO Dottie Mattison and Bloomberg View’s Barry Ritholtz weigh in on “Bloomberg ‹GO›.”

Is Brad Pitt Right About U.S. Housing Collapse?

Source: Bloomberg, November 25 2015

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Guest Hosting: Bloomberg Go with Stephanie Ruhle

    I am co-hosting Bloomberg Go this morning with Stephanie Ruhle from 8 to 8:30. She is always lots of fun to hare a set with. We will discuss holiday retail sales, Black Friday, the economic recovery, earnings and of course markets. You can see it here or stream it live.  

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10 Wednesday AM Travel Reads

Hey, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means we have your pre-Turkey day travel reads teed up: • S&P 500 Profits Fall $25 Billion in First Three Quarters of 2015 (Bloomberg) • The Master List of Stores That Are Staying Closed on Thanksgiving Day (Brad’s Deals) see also The Grinch Sizes Up Holiday Spending Forecasts (Bloomberg View) • The Fallacy of…Read More

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Global Fallout from China’s Industrial Slowdown

Global Fallout from China’s Industrial Slowdown Mark Spiegel FRBSF Economic Letter 2015-35 | November 23, 2015         China’s demand for imports helps support the global economic recovery, so China’s recent economic slowdown has caused international concern. China’s slowdown is concentrated in the industrial sector, while its emerging service sector has shown much…Read More

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