10 Wednesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• How can you have euphoria when nobody gives a sh*t? (Reformed Broker) see also Seventy Years After Stock Market Crash, Six of Ten American Households Invested in Stock Market (Gallup)
• The downsides of cheap corn (WonkBlog)
• Why Your Hot Mutual Fund Probably Won’t Stay That Way (Fiscal Times) see also Time to fire your fund manager? Here’s how to build your own global portfolio (BizNews)
• “People want money” (FT Alphaville)
• Only Rich Know Wage Gains With No Raises for U.S. Workers (Bloomberg) see also Blodgett: Why does the economy stink? Because America’s owners are greedier now than ever before. (Business Insider)
• The Home of the Future Is Here, And It’s Pretty Stupid (New Republic)
• With New Delivery Service, Uber Declares War on Google and Amazon (Wired) see also Your Presents On Way Offer Holiday Sales Clues: EcoPulse (Bloomberg)
• Can a robot be too nice? (Boston Globe)
• Live Coverage: The Crisis in Ferguson (BuzzFeed) see also Militarized cops’ scary new toys: The ugly next frontier in “crowd control” (Salon)
• A Warm Breeze, Some Puffy Clouds, a Summer Day…a Billion Kilometers From the Sun (Slate)

What are you reading?


What Dow Theory Says Now

Source: Fidelity


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The Cash Behind the Super PACs

Source: Businessweek

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Annual Asset Class Returns

Source: Novel Investor   Have a look a the chart above (click on the chart for a larger interactive version). This chart ranks the past 15 years of returns for eight major asset classes (large-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, developed-market stocks, emerging-market stocks, real estate investment trusts, high-grade bonds, high-yield bonds and cash). We can divide…Read More

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

It’s the middle of the week and we’re approaching the end of the summer. Have no fear, though, our expertly-curated morning train reads are here to help you: (continues here): • Buffett: If you’ve got 160 IQ, sell 30 points to somebody else because you won’t need it in investing (Farnam Street) • Stock market bubble?…Read More

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Best & Worst Trades of All TIme

Nice graphic showing the 10 greatest — and worst — trades of all time. The lure of these outsized billion dollar wins seems to affect the psychology of many investors and traders, looking for that one giant score.


click for full infographic
Jesse Livermore
Source: 888 Markets

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John Oliver on Police Militarization

In the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, John Oliver explores the racial inequality in treatment by police as well as the increasing militarization of America’s local police forces.

Category: Legal, Video, War/Defense

Gates, Fees, and Preemptive Runs

Gates, Fees, and Preemptive Runs Marco Cipriani, Antoine Martin, Patrick McCabe, and Bruno M. Parigi Liberty Street Economics, August 18, 2014       In the academic literature on banks, “suspension of convertibility”—that is, preventing the exchange of deposits at par for cash—has traditionally been seen as a potential means of preventing economically damaging bank…Read More

Category: Credit, Think Tank

Bad Economic Policy Is Partly to Blame for Ferguson

The Terrible Handling of the Economic Crisis Is a Cause of the Ferguson Riots   We noted 3 years ago that the terrible handling of the economic crisis would lead to civil unrest and riots. We noted that: A study this month by economists Hans-Joachim Voth and Jacopo Ponticelli showsthat – from 1919 to the…Read More

Category: Economy, Think Tank, War/Defense

David Letterman Remembers Robin Williams

Dave pays tribute to the great Robin Williams.    

Category: Humor, Television

10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring investment risks to chase returns (Financial Post) • Stock Returns: Between Shiller and DeLong (CEPR) • heh heh Legends of the financial blogosphere (Yahoo Finance Contributors Tumblr) • How long will the expansion last? (Economist) • For Interest Rates, Low Is the New…Read More

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