10 Wednesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Condo builders fuel a land rush in Miami (WSJ) see also The Top Properties in Hong Kong Housing Resist Market Forces (NY Times)
• Financial savvy starts in childhood: Early financial lessons can determine how adults handle money (WSJ)
• Half of Workers Are on Track to Retire Well.  Here’s How to Join Them (Time) see also The Best 401(k)s: Retire at 60 From Conoco With $3.8 Million; Facebook Last (Bloomberg)
• Not Everyone Is Addicted to Inflation (The Upshot)
• GMO: “A Farmland Investment Primer” (Climateer Investing) see also How Do You Get a New Generation to Invest?  Ask This Harvard Guy (Fiscal Times)
• Senate Literary Critics Don’t Like Fictional Derivatives (Bloomberg View)
• When it comes to housing, maybe millennials aren’t so different after all (Real Time Economics) see also Millennials’ Political Views Don’t Make Any Sense (The Atlantic)
• What whatever happened to the deficit? (In the Loop)
• Codex Seraphinianus: History’s Most Bizarre and Beautiful Encyclopedia (Brain Pickings)
If Apple Products Were Their Own Companies, They’d Be as Big as… (Slate)

What are you reading?


New Lenders Enter Property Market and Think Small

Source: WSJ


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The Middle East Friendship Chart

Source: Slate

Category: Digital Media, Politics, War/Defense

Largest One Day Increases (30%+) for VIX: 1990-2014

Source: Bespoke Investment Group

Category: Data Analysis, Options, Trading

10 Wednesday AM Reads

My morning afternoon train reads (continues here): • Seven Truths Investors Simply Cannot Accept (The Kindergarten) • 5 reasons why the market won’t crash (The Buzz) but see Threading the Bullish Needle (Sigmund Holmes) • Homo narratus: Mistrust the Financial Storytellers (PsyFi) • Wages Rise and – Surprise! – Skilled Workers Are Now Easier to Find…Read More

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Free Lunch Over for Money-Market Funds

Of all the outrages endured during the financial crisis, perhaps the most perplexing involved money-market mutual funds. In an example of moral hazard writ large, this uninsured risk instrument — with $2.57 trillion in assets — somehow became too big to fail. Five years later, the Securities and Exchange Commission is finally taking steps to…Read More

Category: Mutual Funds, Really, really bad calls, Regulation

The Tab for the Financial Crisis

Click to see an interactive graphic. Source: WSJ

Category: Regulation

10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • Why Europe May Gain the Edge for Investors (NY Times) • Alpha Addict: The Amazing Career of Leon Cooperman (CNBC) • When Beliefs and Facts Collide (NY Times) • Do optimists or pessimists manage their money better? (Yahoo Finance) see also Economists have a lot to learn from ‘The Big…Read More

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Significant Climate Anomalies June 2014

Click for the ginormous version. Source: NOAA

Category: Science

Global House Price Index

Home sales, at least in the U.S., seem to be rising. Existing home sales in June increased to 5.04 million annualized. That number may be affected by the weather, as June sales most likely come from contracts signed after the depths of winter.

To find out if this is a global improvement, we can take a look at the International Monetary Fund’s Global House Price Index. Its data and lovely infographics give us a few interesting things to digest. (You can also use the BIS data or OECD statistics).

The first chart shows the annual percentage change in housing prices. The U.S. is 10th, and housing prices in the country are still far below (35 percent, or so) their 2006 peak.

Continues here

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning afternoon train reads (continues here): • The Pendulum Takes A Swing Towards Value Stocks (NY Times) • Biggie Smalls (Reformed Broker) see also Small-cap stocks run into big doubts (WSJ) • Gary Shilling:  The Boom Is Coming, and Sooner Than You Think (BV) • What Millennials Want That Their Boomer Parents Hate (Time)…Read More

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