Why Hedge?

The news last Monday was a shock — the Calpers California earthquake. For a variety of reasons, the California Public Employee’s Retirement System, the nation’s largest public-pension fund, said it was dropping hedge funds from its roster of investment allocations. This tremor will be felt far and wide.

We are unlikely to know the full impact of Calpers’s decision for some time, as other pension-fund managers digest the thinking that goes into managing $300 billion in assets. It will, however, be influential. Calpers is not only the largest pension fund, but is often thought of as the most powerful. Its thoughtful managers have a reputation for making measured decisions after deep research and internal debate.

It isn’t just hedge funds that have come under close scrutiny: All of the alternative investments of the pension giant are being treated to a similar cost-benefits analysis. Last December, Calpers said it was “culling 269 private equity managers to boost performance and oversight.” This too followed a long internal review.

Some of the reaction from the hedge-fund community missed the point of why Calpers did what it did. One wag even criticized Calpers and its ability for picking hedge funds. This missed the point entirely. And Mark Anson, a former chief investment officer of Calpers who helped to steer the pension giant into hedge funds, noted that Calper exit probably didn’t signal the start of a “mass exodus anytime soon.”

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10 Monday AM Reads

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Amazon ‘Targeting’ Hachette Writers

Roxana Robinson, president of the Authors Guild, and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky, talk about the dispute between Hachette Book Group and Amazon Inc. over e-book pricing and distribution.

Source: Bloomberg, Sept. 16 2014

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Comparo: iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

From the inimitable Onion:   click for larger graphic Source: The Onion:

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What I Learned After 30,000 Blog Posts . . .

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10 Sunday Reads

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Turkey and Islamic State

Turkey and Islamic State David R. Kotok September 20, 2014     While we watch the war unfolding against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, it is critical to keep an eye on neighboring Turkey. There is a lot at stake; Turkey holds a key position. The news reports today are replete with…Read More

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Nick and Mia meets for the first time. They know nothing about each other and seem to know everything about everyone else. But sometimes the less you know, the better… Numbers from Robert Hloz Numbers from Robert Hloz on Vimeo. Nominated to the Czech Academy Award 2012 (Czech Lion) Cannes Court Métrage Visegrad Shorts On…Read More

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The Origins of ISIS’s Recruits

Source: New York Times

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