SPX: Flat for the Year


Your investment returns Year-to-date are = 0.00%

Be sure to thank your friendly "Fed-Model-says-stocks-are-cheap / Sub-prime-doesn’t-matter / Valuations-are-reasonable / Buybacks are great / Consumers-are-fine / Earnings-are-great / there-is-no-inflation" perma-bull for all their great advice.


Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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Today’s WTF Headline: Festive Consumers

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Breaking the Business Week Cover Curse?

It’s A Low, Low, Low, Low-Rate World. No, really — it is. The yield on the 10 Year was under 4% this morning — briefly kissing 3.99%. You may be noticing about now that this lies in stark contrast to our prior discussion of Rates and the Magazine Cover Indicator (for more on the magazine…Read More

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David Einhorn on Credit Agencies

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The Abysmal Track Records of Moody’s, Fitch and S&P

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Quote of the Day: Dick Green

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The Modern Art of Sub-Prime Debt

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FOMC Minutes

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Top 10 Online Financial News & Information Destinations

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Fannie Mae: Ouch!

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