Fun with Wallstrip

Last week, we shot an episode of WallStrip. Howard has been chasing me to do this for quite some time, and the truth is, we simply didn’t have space until we moved into larger quarters in September.

The show is up today, and fortunately, they edited out some of the really dumb things I said (Is calling someone who works on Wall Street a communist really all that libelous?). We shot prior to the Sub-Prime rescue plan being announced, so that is coincidental. Any references to my going on an enraged machine gun spree — and there were several — were removed in light of the mall shootings. Also, they edited out most of the profanity (F*&%$ing CBS!).



Oh, and I asked the cameraman to pull back a little bit (How do you feel about Cleveland?) so you can blame him for  the horrific close ups . . .

Behind the scenes: Here’s the set up for the shoot held in our office:

Rearranging the furniture:


Lindsey & Me:


Lovely Lindsey (note the intense concentration):


Love the boots!

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