Behold…The Decabox!

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Fear vs. Facts on Lehman

Einhorn & Ritholtz vs Gasparino and Fuld:

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via McClatchy

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The Oil of the Future

WSJ’s Russell Gold looks at offshore drilling in Brazil where future crude may come from. (Oct. 29)

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Peter Schiff on Bloomberg October 28, 2008


Part II

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Adam Smith Was a Socialist

I hate politics. I cannot stand the maneuvering to avoid discussing issues, and instead focus on name calling. The latest idiocy is the entire Socialist meme, which, having seen the banking industry nationalized, is a bizarre charge to make these days. It is especially odd, given the nature of wealth distribution in a capitalist system…Read More

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Jim Rogers on Bloomberg (10/24/08)

Jim Rogers on Bloomberg last Friday

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Ted Spread Improves

Nice chart via my fishing buddy, John Silvia, who notes: In its statement, the Federal Open Market Committee suggested that recent policy actions should help over time to improve credit conditions. Financial markets have evidenced some very modest improvement in credit spreads, but the search for that new equilibrium between risk and reward remains in…Read More

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Latest Polling Data

The latest WSJ scatter plot all-polling data is here.

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Mortgage Bankers’ Assoc. – Weekly

David Singer writes: I was going through the Economic Calendar for tomorrow. I went to The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) website and began poking around the place. I found the most recent report. Then I went back to November 2004, and checked out that information… Two quick observations I find interesting: 2004 – % of…Read More

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