Greenspan Media Blitz!

The Greenspan full court press is upon us: I only caught part of yesterday’s Leslie Stahl interview (late Jet game + Tivo = partial 60 Minutes recording). 

Update: 60 Minutes video are here:

Greenspan On Mortgage Meltdown (2:21)

Former Fed Chair On Iraq War (1:25)

Greenspan On Rising Inflation (1:33)

I was somewhat surprised by the maestro’s flipflop with Matt Lauer this morning. He has 500 pages to write what he really means, but needs to go on NBC’s Good Morning (via CNBC) for 3 minutes to clarify a few things? Puh-leeze. Smells like backpedaling to me.

Newsweek seems to have the most comprehensive coverage amongst the Media Blitz:

• Dan Gross interviews the maestro:  A Candid Conversation with Greenspan; Dan also has an article on The World According to Alan Greenspan

• Newseek also has an exclusive excerpt of the book Age of Turbulence

Also of interest: WSJ reporter Greg Ip fact checks much of Easy Al’s book here: Checking Greenspan’s Book Against Historical Record; I find that concept quite interesting, considering that Ip is the Fed’s go to guy for sotto voce corrections and clarifications.

Here’s an interesting Bloomberg interview with University of California at Berkeley economics professor Bradford DeLong, about the Federal Reserve’s role in the regulation of the U.S. financial system, investing in stocks versus bonds, and

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And Dealbreaker summarizes the rest of the media coverage.

I can’t see myself purchasing this particular 500 page tome — if only because I have so many books queued up in front of this — but any of you should feel free to.

The Age of Turbulence


If anyone wants to do a guest review of the book, contaqtc me, and I’ll consider it . . .

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