End of day WTF?! Post

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmm:

Except for all the losses, U.S. Banks were wildly profitable last year (Bloomberg)

Who’s to blame for the market rout? Da Bears! (Infectious Greed)

Today was the Biggest Rate Cut in Quarter Century  (Portfolio)

• Goldman Sachs’ Abby Joseph Cohen chief U.S. portfolio strategist continues to forecast a Dow return of 11% by year-end. She sees the Dow at 14,750 by year-end (Briefing.com)

•  Our Fed post this morning was titled Whiff of panic. The phrase pinged around a bit, from the Economist to the blogosphere

This morning’s gap down led to a surge in the VIX to 37.57   (VIX & More)

• Speaking of Contrary Indicators: Blog Traffic the past two days has been through the roof — and since then, we see the market has been trying to recover. Buying signal or not? You decide:

(1.18.08 as of 3:45pm EST)

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New Column up at TheStreet.com (01/22/08)

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“A Whiff of Panic . . .”

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NYSE Dow Circuit Breaker

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Futures off a tad . . .

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Time to Panic?

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USA Equity Futures: Look Out Below!

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So Much for the Decoupling . . . .

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Dow Support & Resistance

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3 Day Weekend Linkfest: Review/Preview

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