Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (7/25/06)


Back in the studio for the regular appearance with Kudlow tonite.

The topics will be Housing, The Markets, Sentiment, Isreal,  and of course, Earnings.

I’m scheduled to be on from 5:00 to 5:30 pm — in the little boxes next to my head will also be Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical CEO; Robert Smith, T. Rowe Price Portfolio Manager;
and Michelle Girard, RBS Greenwich Capital Economist;


To mix it up, this week I will announce On-Air that Kudlow is a closet Democrat in the tradition of Joe Lieberman, while I have registered as a member of the New Christian Coalition . . . (Now if only I can forget all I learned in all those damned science courses)


Updated July 25, 2006 7:42pm

The best part of tonite’s show was the surprise Jim Bunning discussion: In the post "Bernanke & the Markets," I argued that we needed to give Bernanke a break:

"The present situation wasn’t of his
making; he merely inherited a bad economic set up. Slowing growth,
rising inflation, high energy costs, a real estate dependent economy,
and the longstanding problem of excess liquidity — none of these rest
at the feet of the present Fed Chair. In reality, they are the result
of what Tim Iacono charitably describes as The Mess That Greenspan Made."

In particular, I thought Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning (R) was unnecessarily harsh, calling Bernanke an "amateur" and busting him for Rookie errors.

Thanks to Dan Green, who reminded us (comments Jul 19, 2006 6:29:31 PM) that "Even Bunning had a 6.35 ERA in his rookie season…"

I mentioned Dan’s eagle eyed stat in the weekend linkfest, (and the rest is TV history)

The worst part?  What was with that hair? I looked like I had a wig on . . . 

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