“To The Point” Rebroadcast

“I didn’t get a chance to listen to your “To The Point” broadcast live. Anyway you can grab the audio porion of that for replay?”

As you wish . . .

Our portion of our show starts at about 7:20 into the broadcast.

Also appearing: Thomas Donlan of Barron’s, and Berkeley Professor Jakob Hacker (author of The Great Risk Shift), and MIT Economics History professor Peter Temin

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End of Illusions for GSEs

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American Debt

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Z$100B Note

This is what focusing on Core inflation gets you! Zimbabwe’s $100bn note: “Some Zimbabweans are already calling for higher denominations in a country where the official annual inflation rate has exceeded 2,200,000%. Independent economists believe the real rate is many times higher. Zimbabwe’s meltdown has left at least 80% of the population in poverty, facing…Read More

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Economic Witch Hunt

Interesting discussion:

"The political establishment is embracing a time-honored response to the nation’s economic turmoil. It’s going on a witch hunt.Politicians of all stripes worry that improper trading by short sellers has contributed to turmoil in the stock markets. And "excessive" oil traders have replaced oil-company executives — themselves twice keelhauled by congressional committees this year — as the bogeymen behind the run-up in gas prices.  For Washington veterans, the sharpened attacks are the incarnation of a standard political trope, one found especially in election years"

Economic Woes Get a Fix: Witch Hunt
WSJ, July 19, 2008; Page A3

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New York Times Fawns Over Erin Burnett

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Rescue Plan!

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Its Unanimous: Banks Have Bottomed!

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Moral Hazard & Risky Precedents

Excellent discussion from PBS News Hour, on Moral Hazard:
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Bailout of Mortgage Firms Could Set Risky Precedent  (Transcript)
July 18, 2008   

Audio Recording


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