S&P500 in Yen and Euros

As the attached graph illustrates, the S&P 500 has recently hit a new all-time high in Japanese yen terms (surpassing its July 1999 peak), while the index remains more than a 1/3 below its September 2000 high in euro terms.


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chart courtesy of Mike Panzner


Aside from any other reasons, perhaps it is Japanese investors who have been lending a helping hand to U.S. equity prices?

Perhaps the relative growth and inflation rates help to explain the difference


Chart courtesy WSJ

See also this interesting comparo from the online WSJ about Europe, Japan, and the US.

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I mentioned Neighberoo in this weekend’s linkfest. Here’s a few fascinating series of Real Estate related maps :

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Note that these are a product of integrating Google Maps with housing and population data.

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