Big Picture Redesign, part I

The long awaited redesign rolls out this week. I wanted to walk you though the changes we made in the site — why I did this, the added functionality, and how its going to look.

First, some history. TBP has gone through a few site designs, from basic, to a bit more complex. Via the Wayback Machine, we can see these:

click for bigger screen shot

August 2003


Two years later, that design had bored me to tears, and I worked with Moxie to come up with this design:

May 2005


18 months later, we went a little more colorful:

December 2006


I’ve reached the point where its too colorful, two busy, too overwhelming. Simpler is better, and tomorrow, I’ll show you some of the design ideas we kicked around.

The new site is much cleaner and lighter than the current one — 2 columns, very unbusy sidebars. Except for a light flash intro, its very simple and clean.

And, it loads much, much faster than this current design.

A few structural changes: I went with a tabbed format — there are 6 of them, with the first tab
the main part of the blog, focusing on economic and market issues. The
other tabs allow me to segregate other material from different authors,
books, videos, etc.  Those of you who don’t want to see the videos, music, or non market related stuff won’t have to look at ‘em.

The biggest changes are the functional improvements: "Email this" page allows a simple email forwarding. The print function was the single most requested upgrade. We did a kick ass job — see this post, Analysts Forecasts Remain Too High — Then look at this: Graphic Print_blog.PNG — pretty slick !

I am pretty jazzed — the new features and the entire design is way cool.

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Marc Faber:

"We’re extremely oversold at the present time,” Faber said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. "The market is in a position to rebound.”

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index dropped 38 percent from its record 1,565.15 reached Oct. 9, 2007, as investors speculated more than $660 billion in bank losses will spur a recession. The ratio of stocks advancing versus those declining on the New York Stock Exchange fell to a 17-month low on Oct. 15.

Faber said he is holding gold, cash and short-term bonds because inflation will increase as the U.S. government lowers interest rates to stave off an economic slowdown. Gold climbed 5.8 percent from Sept. 11 through yesterday and yields on three- month Treasury bills fell 51 percent over the period.

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Eric Martin and Rhonda Schaffler
Bloomberg, Oct. 20 2008

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