Crazy Fannie/Freddie Traffic Spike!

"Dude, you owned this story all weekend."

So said one of the many comments we received over our weekend Freddie (FRE) and Fannie (FNM) coverage. And it shows in the Traffic logs. Typically, heading into the weekend, things begin to quiet down. Friday is softer than Monday – Thursday, and the weekends see traffic cut by more than half.

Not so this weekend. Friday saw a big spike up to ~65k, then Saturday and Sunday ran hot too, with 46k and 56+k respectively. 

The came today, and as of 5:05pm, traffic was already over 70k! That’s pretty big.

The reason I bring this up, is in the past, big traffic spikes have occurred around short term bottoms. Yes, we saw eventual lower lows, but as a trading indicator, its worth noting.

Now, perhaps the traffic is not the result of psychology, fear, and trader nervousness. Hell, the VIX is at the bottom of its trading range. So I am less sure if this is a case of the kind of panic that leads to traffic spikes that leads to a substantial trading rally — or evidence of the mostly mediocre job the mainstream media did covering this over the weekend. (Yes, there were exceptions).

It sure is worth thinking about.


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Fannie & Freddie Weekend Wrap Up/Linkfest

So much for a relaxing weekend! We spilled plenty of pixels on Fannie (FNM) & Freddie (FRE)this weekend, as did lots of other folks. What follows is all of the relevant commentary I could scratch together:

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What the Mainstream Media had to say:

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