Blog Milestones

A few blog milestones worthy of mention today:

Technorati Rank: Top 1,000 (993)

RSS Subscribers: Over 20,000

Technorati Authority 1,768

Blog Reaction 11,017

That is simply too cool! 



Thanks to all of our new and longstanding readers!

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Markets Closing Early Today

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Employment Situation NFP Chart Porn

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NFP -62,000, Big Revisions Downwards

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NFP Day: Caution is Warranted

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Crude Oil = $145 (The Trichet Oil Rally)

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Grant: ‘This Time Is Different’ for U.S. Consumers

James Grant, editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, and Brad Hintz, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. and a former chief financial officer of Lehman Brothers Inc., talk about the outlook for U.S. consumer spending, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s call for regulatory changes that would allow financial firms to fail without threatening market stability and the outlook for brokerages

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John Stossel is Utterly Clueless

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Flash Video Coming to ?

A quick FYI: 

Via a Feedback Ticket from Bloomberg Media

In response to the question: "Why is it that your embedded player has no sound when I play on my Mac OS X?"

Bloomberg Feedback Team:  There are compatibility issues with newer Macs. We hope to convert to Flash player in the future.

Now, is this the near future or 20012

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Headline of the Day: Zimbabwe’s Million-Percent Inflation

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