HomeBuilder’s vs Financials

I’ll have something this afternoon on the Housing Market/Homebuilders. Meanwhile, before you get too excited about the Financials (Doug!), have a look at this chart:


Chart courtesy of Jim Walker, Asianomics

It suggest quite a few untoward things about the FINs.

Note: I am not implying that they should trade identically to the Homebuilders — just that its quite possible that there is still more risk in them . . .


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Welling@Weedon, 1/25/08   

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Black Friday Night Jazz



On days like this, where the market opens up over 100 and closes down 170, I always get that "Black Friday" feeling — that no one really wants to carry much equity exposure over the weekend.

On rare occasions, these days set up ugly Mondays (Wait! Didn’t we just have one of those?)


But its Friday night — Enough market talk! Its time for some jazz to mellow out to.

I’m a big Steely Dan fan. Saw ‘em live a few times, always loved this song.

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