Quote of the day: Realtors Get Real

Amazing quote via the Palm Beach Post on what has some Florida Realtors perturbed:

"Some Realtors are grumbling about prices not falling. Guess who they’re blaming?
Here’s what Thomas Lawler, former Fannie Mae economist and current
president of Lawler Economic & Housing Consulting in Vienna, Va., has
to say in his private newsletter:

"A growing number of Realtors in Florida are frustrated with the state and
national Realtors groups’ efforts to ‘spin’ the market as one that is
strengthening and where home prices are stabilizing.

"Many (though probably not yet most) Realtors are frustrated by customers who
continue to list their homes at price levels that are ‘unrealistic,’ and as a
result, sales volumes – and thus commissions – continue to remain depressed.

"While Realtors have noted to customers that many home builders in Florida
have slashed new-home prices in order to move bloated inventories, many home
sellers are still holding off, hoping – along with FAR and NAR – that prices
will start moving back up soon."

Its seems that the Realtors are trying to "get real," while the NAR continues to stoke unrealistic expectations and illusory hopes . . .

Hat tip:  Kevin Depew Minyanville.


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