New Aggregator: Real Clear Markets

A new link aggregator hits the web: Real Clear Markets. This is the sister site to Real Clear Politics, and Real Clear Sports.

The sites sport crisp, clean designs, well organized by date and topic, and also contain a god selection of video links.

Weaknesses? Well, the original content has not yet found its voice. That’s been the case for many of the link aggregators, and only a few — think Nouriel Roubini’s RGE — seem to do both well.  I suspect that’s a process that takes some time.

And, the otherwise well chosen links are occasionally polluted with an excess of politics. Its one thing to run economic pieces by Krugman & Kudlow (How’s that combo for a show?), but its another to go way off topic with purely political writings. Editors need to decide if they want traffic, or influence, and adjust accordingly.

If they can manage to avoid the non-money running political hacks, the site will become even more useful as a source. (Suggested Goal: Avoid linking to people who make their readers "poor and stupid").

But other than those quibbles, a real nice effort.


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