G-Econ: Geographically-based Economic Data

And now for something completely different: Very cool visualization of Geographically-based Economic data:


via Flowing Data (also, here’s the flickr set)

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New Fiat Federal Reserve Note

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Quote of the Day: Rampant Capitalism ?

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Paulson & Co Opening New Fund to Re-Capitalize Banks

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“Dead Pledge”

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Wall Street Got Drunk!

I’m not sure this really explains what happened.

Any night I’ve been out in the city — last night was Porter House, and Monday was Kellari Taverna — Wall Street appeared to be enjoying a hearty supper and a glass of wine, but I didn’t see any evidence of drunken behavior.   


Of course, if your entire world view is predicated on the belief that tax cuts cure all ills, and that any sort of regulatory supervision — even of FDIC insured banks by the Federal Reserve — is an evil to be avoided, well, then, it might look like drunkenness to you.

To everyone else, it merely looks like an incompetent administration executing an ill thought out philosophy, and poorly at that. 

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Those Damn Short Sellers Are Just Killing It!

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Video: Nouriel Roubini (3 Parts)

Good set of interviews with NYU Professor Nouriel Roubini

Bear Market Only Half Over, But It’s Not Armageddon

More Than $1 Trillion Needed to Solve Housing Crisis

‘They’re All Toast’: Roubini Says Brokers, Even Goldman, Can’t Stay Independent 


Video Interview on Tech Ticker: Roubini: "Bear Market Only Half Over, But It’s Not Armageddon"
Nouriel Roubini | Jul 22, 2008

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Moral Hazard ?

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What Does the Future Hold for Housing?

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