Redesign Almost Finished

I’ve been playing with the prototype for the redesign for the Big Picture — and I have to say, it totally kicks ass!

The entire site is much better organized and a lot more functional. Its a very clean, somewhat minimalist design — a little bit of flash on the home page, but other than that, all of the noisy distractions of the current design have been minimized. It is more professional looking, less candy colored.

The load times are enormously better, and the navigation is vastly improved. I took many of your prior suggestions and incorporated them into the new design.

A short list of Upgrades to the blog include:

-Moved to its own URL;

-New software is WordPress based;

-"Print This Page" function is on a clean white background (excellent design).

-2 column layout is much less busy;

-Larger size (730 main column, 300 right sidebar) uses more of your dual 20 inch monitor real estate;

-"Email This" is now an internal function

-All video has been moved to their own tab and off of the home page;

-Full support for, DIgg, Technorati, Reddit, Newsvine, Stumble Upon

-Non-Economic/Market content moved to separate tabs;

- Post Author Date and Time published at top of post;

-Related professional work stuff — Managed Assets, Institutional Research, Quantitative Software — have their own navigation bar and are more easily found.

-Print function automatically creates all URLS and sources into end notes (a waaay cool feature)

Any other requests . . . ?

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Video: It’s the Stupid Economy

I saw this last week and nearly fell out of my chair.

Last week, President Bush scheduled a Press conference for 10:20am — the exact same time Bernake’s Congressional testimony

Coincidence? Apparently not:

It’s the Stupid Economy
Daily Show, July 16, 2008


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