Big Picture Upgrade & Redesign

I am now working with my programmers and designers on The Big Picture, version 3.0.

This is going to be a substantial reworking, with a lot of upgrades in terms of both content and functionality.

Before I start the serious design work, now is the time to ask you, the readers, for what else you might like to see happen in terms of those two design elements.

So – what’s on your wish list? What would like to see in terms of content? What options should be added to the site? What additional functions are you interested in?

No idea is too out there for this process.

The sky is the limit — I want to hear everything you would like to see happen with the Big Picture, including moving to its own domain, and perhaps going to WordPress.


Whay say ye ?

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Kryptonite Caused GE’s Miss

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O’Neill: Strong Dollar Policy Is ‘Vacuous Notion’

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill discusses the U.S. economy and global financial markets, the performance of the U.S. dollar versus other currencies, and the Federal Reserve’s response to the mortgage and credit crisis.


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Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill"

The "strong dollar” policy that he and every other Treasury chief since 1995 endorsed is "a vacuous notion.”

"It implies in it that somehow we have the ability to manage the relationship between the value of the U.S. dollar and other currencies around the world,” O’Neill, now a special adviser to Blackstone Group LP, today said in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

O’Neill roiled currency markets when he was in office from 2001 to 2002, at one point with comments in an interview with a German newspaper that the U.S. pursued a policy of a strong economy, rather than currency. The current Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, has repeatedly stated that he is a "very strong” supporter of the "strong dollar” policy.

"When I was Secretary of the Treasury I was not supposed to say anything but ‘strong dollar, strong dollar,”’ O’Neill said today. "I argued then and would argue now that the idea of a strong dollar policy is a vacuous notion.”

The U.S. currency today fell to a record low against the euro, and has declined 15 percent against its European counterpart in the past year.


O’Neill Says U.S. `Strong Dollar’ Policy Is `Vacuous Notion’
Rhonda Schaffler and John Brinsley
Bloomberg, April 16 2008

O’Neill Says Strong Dollar Policy Is `Vacuous Notion’
Bloomberg, April 16 2008

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What’s Wrong With Billionaire Fund Managers?

An article on humongous hedge fund paydays in today’s NYTimes was quite interesting: “The richest hedge fund managers keep getting richer — fast. To make it into the top 25 of Alpha’s list, the industry standard for hedge fund pay, a manager needed to earn at least $360 million last year, more than 18 times…Read More

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Answering an SOS

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