Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (9/27/07)



Tonite is Kudlow & Co. from 5:00pm to 5:30pm or so, on CNBC.

In addition to your humble scribe, John Rutledge, Joe Battipaglia and Jason Trennert are part of our calvacade of white men.


On a related note, CNBC is doing something that I have long been advocating for: Moving some shows around so as to better match up the content with the most suitable time slot and appropriate audiences.

Starting October 10th, Kudlow & Company moves to 7:00pm. That will allow the first half of the show to be economic/stock focused, and put the political/policy half of the show closer to Prime Time. 

At the same Time, Fast Money moves to 5:00 pm: Its a more trading oriented show, and their audience is still sitting at the desks and turrets wrapping up the day.

Given the coming competition, this is a good move. I expect to see more tinkering with the CNBC line up in the coming weeks . . .

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