Quote of the Day: Uptick Rule

Straight dope:

"To suggest that the removal of this rule is causing the markets to go
down is to loudly announce ‘I don’t understand the credit crisis, and I
am incapable of ever understanding it.’

-Jim Bianco, WSJ

The article specifically mentioned Mario Gabelli, Martin J. Whitman, and Jim Cramer as opposing the elimination of the Uptick rule.


Blame Game: The ‘Uptick’ Rule Debate
WSJ, April 1, 2008

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Ghriskey of Solaris: Stocks in `Bottoming Process’: Video

Ghriskey of Solaris Says Stocks in `Bottoming Process’: Video                                             

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Timothy Ghriskey, who helps manage $2 billion as chief investment officer at Solaris Asset Management, talks with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar in New York about Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s share sale, the outlook for stocks and his investment strategy, including the recommendation of Alcoa Inc., Assurant Inc. and Union Pacific Corp. Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker and Julie Hyman also speak. (Source: Bloomberg)   


Ghriskey of Solaris Says Stocks in `Bottoming Process’: Video
Bloomberg, April 1 2008

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