Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (05/21/07)


This morning, I’ll be on CNBC at 10:00am, discussing markets & the economy with the lovely Liz Claman.

On today’s agenda:

Relative outperformance of overseas bourses versus the U.S.

Defensive rotations: Materials, Agricultural Chemicals, Insurance, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Energy

Big & Mid cap versus Smallcap 

Underperformance of Tech

Should be fun!

UPDATE:  05/21/07 4:54pm

Its on the CNBC site


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Friday Night Jazz: Metheny Mehldau

MethmehlPat Metheny is one of those guitarists that was always interesting, but he never really floated my boat. His style is kinda New Age-y, a bit too cold/technique focused for my preferences. I can see why some people say he is an acquired taste.

However, a friend in the music industry (with meticulous taste) had recommended his latest album with pianist Brad Mehldau (Metheny Mehldau Quartet) to me, and on his suggestion, I gave it a whirl. 

It is a delightful surprise.

It is an eclectic disc, ranging from a mix of jazz fusion, acoustic, Celtic, pop, Asian-tinged (41 string guitars!) to Brazilian music. Somehow, this odd and always changing mix seems to work on nearly every track.

This is the second pairing of Metheny and Mehldau colloboration, the first being Metheny/Mehldau.
The pairing works well. Mehldau brings a degree of warmth and intimacy
often missing from more traditional Metheny recordings.   

Metheny frequently returns to his earlier electric jazz guitar style, but it seems to work so much better in this quarter than any previous work I’ve heard from him. Its worth checking out.


For those interested in how this pairing came about, there is a two part interview with Metheny and Mehldau after the jump . . .

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