In Rainbows

I mentioned this release as one of my favorites for 2007; As I noted,

This self-released album was a bold departure from the
overwrought, over-complicated previous albums. Guitar-centric
compositions, more straight forward rock sound colors the entire

These  are much more user friendly and accessible than some of their prior difficult albums (think OK Computer or Hail to the Thief). There is a delicate, uncomplicated beauty to the songs that stays with you long after the album ends. 

Because of the way the band chose to release the album, this disc
gets the nod for the album of the year that could change the music
business — and scares the living shit out of dying music labels.

Now that the hubbub has died down, the band released the physical disc on New Years Day — and its only $7.99 at Amazon.

I like supporting artists, and even though I owned the tracks already, I bought the CD. (You should, too).


Radiohead In Rainbows video
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