Bellwether Defined

We all use the term "Bellwether" — think about GE’s earnings miss and Google’s (GOOG) earnings beat — but did you ever wonder where it comes from?

Me neither.

It turns out that the term references a castrated ram (No, this is not a cheap shot at GE). English shepards used to employ a castrated ram — also know as a wether — to help manage the flock. Despite the Ram’s missing accoutrement, the flock of sheep, not knowing any better, followed it anyway. (Gee, that sounds suspiciously familiar!). To make it easy to locate the flock in large fields or thick fog, the shepherds hung a bell around the wether’s neck.

Hence the term bellwether: In the stock market, a bellwether (barometer stock in the UK) is the stock of a company that is regarded as a leader in its given industry (castration optional). . .

Now you know!


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Real Scoop: Television Pundit Analyzer

How would you like to have this attachment on your TV ?

"RealScoop utilizes leading voice analysis technology to analyze statements made by public figures. The BELIEVABILITY METER™ analyzes each video second by second, displaying the real-time results in a color-coded manner from left to right. The most believable statements are green, gradually turning red as they become more questionable.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

CEO of Bear Stearns (3 Days Before Collapse)
click for video



If I were philosopher king, I would mandate that be installed on every television set.


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