The Bubble Man

Very funny original song, written and sung by Scott Pettersen, on everyone’s favorite Fed Chair/scapegoat, Easy Al.

I really like Scott’s Louis Armstrong/Tom Waits type vocals.


Scott’s my space home page is

Who is the “Bubble Man”?

(Can you guess?)

On Wall Street, he’s been called a rock star. In the rest of the world, his name may ring a bell, but few people know what he actually does. Here’s a clue: THE BUBBLE MAN IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. 

And this may be an understatement. 

So do you think you know who the Bubble Man is? If so, drop me a message or a comment. I’ll post the answer in my next blog. (Hey, this could be fun. I’ve already gotten some really strange guesses.)

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