Middle Class Squeeze Continues

I’ve been discussed the declining middle class for some time now — see The Disconnect and Economic Classes for a more detailed chat on the subject.

I’ll have more on this later  in the week — but for now, I wanted to throw up some charts up.

I always snicker when I hear a politico scratch their head about why the opinion polls are so negative, despite "good growth and low unemployment."  Aside from the fact those stats are somewhat "gamed," we also know there are additional issues. Consider our modern bad habits — excess consumption, too much debt, too little security — of all types. 

Its no wonder much of the middle class is less than enthralled with the present environment:







New Study: Middle Class in Turmoil
Economic risks up sharply for most families since 2001 -
September 28, 2006
Christian E. Weller and Eli Staub

Middle Class in Turmoil PDF

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