Happy Turkey Day!

Think you know what a typical Turkey Day meal looks like? Well, look closer. No — much closer. Wired asked Mike Davidson, a biologist and expert photomicrographer at Florida State University’s National High Magnetic Field Lab, to turn his lenses on the all-American meal. The images aren’t particularly appetizing, and they probably won’t help you keep your gobbler moist this year (try brining), but at least you’ll be more intimate with the stuff that’s making you loosen your belt as you collapse on the couch:

Wired Puts Your Thanksgiving Feast Under a Microscope
Tom Conlon
10.23.07 | 12:00 AM

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Breaking the Business Week Cover Curse?

It’s A Low, Low, Low, Low-Rate World. No, really — it is. The yield on the 10 Year was under 4% this morning — briefly kissing 3.99%. You may be noticing about now that this lies in stark contrast to our prior discussion of Rates and the Magazine Cover Indicator (for more on the magazine…Read More

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David Einhorn on Credit Agencies

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FOMC Minutes

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