DON’T PANIC (Again !)

“DON’T PANIC” – Words inscribed in large, friendly letters on front cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the ultimate compendium of practical knowledge on practically any conceivable subject, and the most popular book in the known universe. This is partly because it is slightly cheaper than the Encyclopedia Galactica, but is mostly because it has the words Don’t Panic inscribed in large friendly letters on it’s cover.”

Look who is telling us not to panic again: The WSJ Op Ed page!

“So there is no reason for stock market panic, nor for handwringing in the credit markets about an imminent default. Indeed, with the Senate finally — after months of dithering — passing legislation on Friday for a strong new Fannie and Freddie regulator, there is hope that the government will finally be able to rein in the excesses of these enterprises.”
-There Is No Reason to Panic

Of course, the last time this self same page told us not to panic, it was Bear Stearn’s David Malpass exhorting us not to Panic About the Credit Market:

“Equity markets have recently lost over $2 trillion in the U.S. and even
more globally — many times the likely amount of mortgage and corporate
debt losses in the foreseeable future. This is in part a correction
from the sharp global equity run-up through mid-July. Current prices
still signal growth ahead.”

How’d THAT work out?

How come every time a WSJ editorial tells us not to panic, we learn in subsequent hindsight, that Panicking is pretty much exactly what we should be doing?

By Panic, I mean pulling out all the stops to make sure any virally malignant, planet destroying financial cancer does not metastasize any further, mangling the good and the bad alike (or destroying a planet to make way for an interstellar bypass)?

Is there any reason to expect this chuckle-headed plea is going to turn out any different than the last chuckle-headed plea did?



There Is No Reason to Panic
WSJ, July 14, 2008

‘Don’t Panic About the Credit Market
WSJ, August 7, 2007

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Breaking News: Herb Greenberg Resigns CNBC

Here’s some sad news that has yet to hit the wires: Herb Greenberg has resigned as a full-time contributor to CNBC. (No, he’s not going to Fox Business).

Here’s what Herb wrote to CNBC:

Just an FYI: I’ve pulled myself out of the contributor
rotation to focus exclusively on my business, which has become
more-than-a-fulltime job. It wasn’t an easy decision to walk away. I’ll still be
available from time to time as a non-contributor guest, as time permits, and I
remain committed to CNBC.

Herb will be missed on CNBC — he is a skeptical voice of reason who oftentimes doubts the nonsense spin we hear all too frequently from corporate executives. And, he’s been proven right far too many times to ignore. He will be missed.

Herb’s new firm is called Greenberg Meritz, and the focus will be "Bridging Financial Journalism and Forensic Analysis."

We wish him luck at his new venture, and if he ever wants to get some info out to a wider distribution, our doors are always open . . .

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Video: IndyMac CEO Interview on CNBC

An interview on CNBC with IndyMac Bank CEO Michael Perry about company’s Option ARM mortgage portfolio and Federal Reserve’s decision to leave interest rates unchanged.

You get the sense that Indy Mac’s CEO has absolutely zero idea as to whats coming,

September 20, 2006:


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